So Many Symptoms And Two Negatives AHHHHHHHH

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Rachel - October 21

Ok Ladies! I think I may be pregnant but have gotten two negativ results thus far and am really pretty stressed out at this point. My symptoms are: sore, tender, slightly swollen br___ts (and my nipples were erect and REALY sore and tender for alomost 3 weeks and just within the past week they are no longer erect and less tneder); constant neusia and bloating with gas; discomfort, heaviness/pressure in my lower abdomen just above my pelvis; irritability; mild fatigue and desire to sleep more (unusual as I am very energetic and always on the go); hunger just about every 2 hours (verry unusal for me as I normally rearely eat more than twice a day); excessive mucas & discharge. Now shame on me because I didn't pay more attention but I did notice a small amount of pinkish blood mixed with mucas about a week after my suspected conception and my period was only one day. It is usually very irregular and unpredictble so that is of no help. So what do you think? I am really at a loss. My boyfrined has actually lost his appet_te and I have gotten one so that is wierd too (probably unrelated but...)!! I am going to be doing more home tests soon. Also, I have had many of these symptoms before and never been pregnant. The br___t thing is actually new and rather alarming!


Jo - October 21

when was lmp and ov date?


Rachel - October 21

lmp and ov?


hope - October 21

LMP=your last period OV=ovulation Did you have both the pink and white mucus and your 1 day period or just the one? And on what day did you have your 1 day period?


Rachel - October 22

Thank you for the clarification Hope. My last period (day long) was the 14th of this month. The pink and white mucus was about a week prior. My last normal (what is normal for me anyway) was in late July.


lola - October 22

sounds like you may be pregnant, all the signs you said you are having do sound right. It may be to earky for your body to pick up any hcg, You copuld go to the dr and get an hcg blood test that should pick up the preg hormone.good luck come back and let us know either way.



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