So This Is How I Knew

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Cocozen - June 14

My ears. They were itchy. Non stop itchy-ness! I thought I had an ear infection so I pulled on my ear lobes to see if it hurt and it didn't it just made the itchyness feel better. I would sit here for ten minutes with my finger in my ear scratching the heck out of the inside lol. I'm not really sure WHY my ears got itchy inside but they still are and I am 11 weeks preg. Another sign that told me I was when, I was expecting my period to come (I never keep track of my period so I couldn't remember when it was due) but I had cramps (just like period cramps!) for a week and a half. I figured it was on it's way because I got the normal signs of it coming...cramping tender bbs...but nope it never came. Then after about a week I took a pregnancy test. And sometimes the tests have a ghost line that give you a false positive so when it was positive i rubbed it off and just said it was negative. But after seeing that I was still anxious so I bought 5 more packs of tests all different brands. The brand that gave me a def positive was Accuclear. And even when that one had a big pink line on it i made my friend who (is a virgin) pee on one just to see the difference. Nope I was def pregnant. So ladies if you have weird signs, late periods, and a very light pink line! ( even the lightest line is positive as long as it is within the time limit that the test says) Then it is most likely you are pregnant! Don't waste money like I did lol.


LadyD - June 14

Congrats! Best of luck! That is definetely a "different"


Cocozen - June 14

Thank you =D I know it is so weird for them to itch like that but I suppose it's caused by hormonal changes in your skin that can make your skin itchy anywhere especially your growing belly? I dunno that's the way I see it =P


Lin - June 14

The itchy ears isn't really surprising, because you've got increased blood flow.



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