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hopeful - September 16

Hi there. I hope someone can shed some light on this or I can help others in some way. My husband and I are TTC. My period was at 5pm on 5th-11th Sept 7pm. We had s_x on 11th, 13th and 15th Sept. My cycle is 25 days. Ovulation should be today 16th Sept so yesterdays bedding should help to conceive our child (hoping). Been using Ovulation Pack to see if I infact ovulate 14 days before next period. Used a stick on 12th-was very light, barly there. 14th-still light but darker than the result on the 12th. 15th-detected my LH surge finally (24hr-48hrs I am meant to be ovulating), so it seems that my calculation to ovulate on 16th is correct as it correlates with the Ovul test stick. But before we had s_x on 15th (yesterday) there was a blob of brown creamy colour on pants. Today I woke up with very pinchy, crampy feeling on left side, where bikine line is. Pain still is there, comes and goes, also another blob of brown creamy discharge. what is it - ovulation or implantation. if implantation, how? if LH was detected today, I can't be implantation already? thanks you all for listening


Viv - September 16

Good work! I'm impressed with your systematic approach. That Ovulation Pack must work well. One surely wants to think the pinchy crampy must be from ovulation in the left ovary. If the pinching doesn't go away, would you think it possible that the egg was implanting in the tube? The discharge is totally mystifying. Come back and let us know when you find out. Other opinions?


hopeful - September 18

Thank you first viv for caring. UPDATE - I'll do this every time something significant has happened, it'll help keep me sane while I wait till AF is due on 30th Sept (hopefully won't come at all). Anyway this is what has been happening, I took an Ovul test stick on 16th 1:30pm to see if I am still ovul or pa__sed it, it was no longer dark. Seems that from 15th @ 1:30pm till 16th before 1:30pm I had LH surge, is this possible, it says ovul is meant to be 12-48hrs from LH surge detection, so I should of still had a dark LH surge line, right? Also since my last posting I'm still having blood discharge. As I said I had small brownish blob on 14th and 15th, don't know what from. Now on 16th, 17th, 18th its more as it ends on pants now and its pinky to redish, the pattern seems to be that it increases in quant_ty at nights like 8pm onwards, does this pattern mean anything? No more cramp pain this finished on 16th. On 17th bedtime I felt pinchy pain on left rib for a while. No sore bbs or other preg signs, just hiccups twice yesterday for a while. Anyone with such problems 2/3 after possible ovulation? or any answers?


Viv - September 18

We're watching and waiting with you. From this end it feels as though the TTC is causing you to micromanage the situation. Why don't you coast for a few days until you calculate implantation is supposed to happen.


hopeful - September 30

hi again. HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU LADIES. Another update since last posting 18th sept - As you know from my last post I was worried about the case of blood appearing, it couldn't of been implantation or ovulation bleeding as I never had this blood during my other ovulations and implantation is impossible as I only just ovulated. So I went to the doctors to tell him. He asked if this always happened after intercourse I said that there was a brown blob on the pants before we had intercourse so it can't be because of intercourse. Anyway he put me down for a swab and smear to see if anything wrong. I had the swab done but not the smear bc the nurse said there was too much discharge. after that I realised it wasn't just me who thought there was too much discharge when I am so close to my AF. Then on the 29th I started feeling those stomach b___terflies and nausea, the feeling like your on the roller coster ride. Then my belly b___ton felt a little bit hard on 28th. I also remember 2 days ago (28th) that my pee was darker and even close to orange. So finally I got a pregnancy test and I found out I AM PREGNANT. I cried on my toilet seat when it came up. I felt a release, i am a mom and DH is a dad. I am waiting for my husband to come from his hospital shift to tell him, I'm thinking of ways to tell him. I'll tell you how it goes. He so wanted this and me too. I am 12dpo. AF is supposed to be today. I don't have that very sore b___bs, no hurting back, peeing is normal. What I do have - cervix was normal but only just today I felt it way high, b___terflies as if I am stressed/anxious about something, different pee colour, I got a cold and blocked nose for 4 days now and thats about it. THIS IS A LONG STORY BECAUSE i HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU RELISE SYMPTOMS AND SIGNS, and that they ARE NOT ALWAYS OBVIOUS OR THE SAME FOR EVERYONE.


ray - September 30

i haven't had really bad symptoms except b___terflys discharge and sharp pains but i don't know if i am pregnant



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