So Young And Innocent

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Paris - October 20

I have sore br___t and nausea and I am late on my period but i am not vomiting . does this mean i could be pregnet?


faith - October 20

yes you could be cause of the missed period but take a test before you worry.


kim - October 20

You have two of the most common signs in early pregnancy. You said young and innocent, so I guess you are young? If so maybe seek help with Planned parenthood if you have one in your town or your towns local health clinic can give you a pregnancy test and some real good advice. Also if they find you are not pregnant they can help you with birth control. Just make sure you get the help you need. So many teens go through there whole pregnancy and never tell anyone or get prenatal care, don't be one of those girls, life always works itself out no matter how hard it seems.


Angela - October 20

I would suggest NOT going to planned parenthood. Go to an independant doctor who isn't going to throw abortion in your face. PP makes millions every year off of dead babies - go to a doctor that is not bias.


frankie - October 20

angela, that is a bit harsh and not true!!! Paris, either way please see a dr to confirm whether or not you are pregnant, then you can decide what to your next step will be. But it is important to seek proper medical attention. You may just have pms and irregular periods because you are young so before you panic see a dr. good luck to you!


Maggie - October 20

Planned Parenthood is not biased. I went there for a pregnancy test when I was 18, and they were very supportive. They did ask me what I would do if I were pregnant. As soon as I said that I'm against abortion, they started telling me about their prenatal clinic, and what I could do to get health insurance for my pregnancy. My test came up negative, and they asked me if I wanted birth control, and hooked me up with a doctor to get it. Angela, maybe the PP by you is biased, and if thats the case report them to the dept. of health because their whole mission is to be unbiased. I'm sorry if you had a bad experience with them. Paris you need to take a test, and please talk to a trusted adult. If you are s_xually active you need some form of birth control. Good luck to you.



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