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cazzyp - December 3

hi im 36 and i think i might be pregnant. i had a period on the 18/10 and we started trying again after that. 15days into cycle i started feeling naueas, and had some cramping. this continued trough my cycle and also if i squeezed my nipples a little white colostrum came out, which i had with my last pregnancy. a few days before my due date i started having some pink and brown like spotting. then on the 18/11 i took my period or i think it was, it was hevy for 2 days then brown for 3 days,which is weird as my cycle usually lasts for 7 days. im still getting nauseas, have blue veins over my br___ts , tired, headaches. some mild cramping,and my nipples still leak when squeezed. im so confused took a few tests and they all say negative, which has happened before with my other 2 pregnancys. i not sure wether to go to docs or not as i dont want to look like an idiot. please help some advice would be appreciated.


kelsajo - December 3

i would say go to the doc and get a positive test.


MAC_33 - December 3

Hey Cazzyp, I also have a white discharge when I squeeze my nipples but I'm not pregnant. Actually we are very similar in cycles although mine are a bit longer than yours (Oct 12, Nov 21). I noticed the nipple discharge last cycle as well as nausea, cramping, and dizziness around mid-cycle. Period on Nov 21 was heavy then just spotted brown for 2 days. I can squeeze fluid from my b___sts still but I'm positive that I'm not pregnant because I chart my temperature and once I had my period my temp immediately decreased (it would have stayed high if I were pregnant). Sorry, I don't want to sound negative. Just letting you know that you can have those symptoms and possibly be pregnant...or maybe not. If you really think that you are then you should definitely go to the dr for a blood test.


cazzyp - December 4

hi mac_33 thanks for replying. well i went to the doctors yesterday afternoon, and she told me what i had could of been an implantation bleed, so she says she wasnt ruling out pregnancy and took a blood test. i dont know what i was worried about she was lovely. but because of my history with bleeding through pregnancy she told me to prepare myself incase i am. still having all the symptoms,and b___bs have gotten bigger and still leaking. very bad nausea today when out shopping. guess ill have a horrible anxious weeks wait.


cazzyp - December 29

well got results back from doc and she says im not pregnant, i was surprised as i thought i was. that was 2 weeks ago, i dont know whats wrong as i still think i might be pregnant. still getting headaches nausea, b___sts still leaking, and viens still thereand nipples have gotten darker. i know this isnt in my head, so went back to the doc yesterday and she has arranged for me to have an ultrasound on the 3rd of jan.she also tested my kidney function and my hormone level the last time i went and they came back fine also. guess after the scan i will know for sure and it will be a relieve. i will keep everyone posted.



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