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dreamnasia1 - June 26

ok so my cycles are 26 days and this month has been a little confusing for me. i usually chart my bbt every moring but this month i havent. i usually ovulate around day 12 of my cycle. ive taken a few temps but not enough to detect ovulation. im pretty sure i ovulated though. well it is now day 32 and no sign of my period!!! on day 29 and today i noticed a slimy looking pinkish discharge on the toilet paper after i peed. sorry for the info. i have taken a pregnancy test about 4 days ago and it was negative.....and i know i should probly take another......but i really dont want to because i dont want to see another negative.........could i be having implantation bleeding?


LN030905 - June 26

yes, it could have been! Since you have such a short cycle, perhaps on day 28 was soo too early to detect hcg. Did you use first morning urine? Perhaps try again! Make sure you use that fmu..also, certain tests have a higher and lower sensitivity rate. Go to to see what sensitivity your test has! Good luck!! Keep us updated!! God Bless~


meadow - June 26

if it was implantation bleeding, that means you will be just starting to produce hcg, which is the hormone that the pg test detects. hcg is produced after implantation. if that's the case, then you would get a pos test in a day or 2. good luck!


Rhonda - June 26

The answers from LN and Meadow,sounds reasonable enough,I would test in a few days.


Lin - June 26

The slimy discharge on day 29 may be due to ovulating late, so make sure and test again around cd 43. If af hasn't arrive by then and you still haven't gotten a positive, then you might want to start thinking about calling your doctor.


Emma2 - June 26

Test again with FMU. take your temp in the morning and check if its above your usual around this time it should still give you some indication if af is coming or not.


Allison1123 - June 27

I would test again in a few days but to be It sounds like your pregnant. My friend was 6 weks preg. and a urine test said negative so she went to the doctor and they took a blood test snd she was in fact pregnant.


dreamnasia1 - June 28

well i went to my docotor today and she gave me a pregnancy test.......BFN! it is now day 34 and i guess i will just have to wait for af to arrive now. ive been having to use the bathroom alot, eating alot more, and tired alot lately. could it have been to early to test??



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