Some Advice On OPKs Plz X

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Eljay - January 22

Hey ladies! well here goes another month of trying for me! We have decided to try OPKs this mth. My last 3mth cycles have bn 29days, 29days and 30days - OPK says we should test 14days after day b4 af startd... worried we miss O, should I test sooner??


bbdreams - January 22

I started testing on cycle day 12 just to be sure - but that's cause I'm paranoid and didn't want to risk missing it lol.


bbdreams - January 22

Oops I meant cycle day 8 - paranoid and having memory loss apparently LMAO!


MAC_33 - January 22

I agree, there's too much of a chance that you could miss your surge if you wait to start testing on cd13. Eljay, try not to get too frustrated with the OPKs becuase they can be pretty hard to read the first time you use them. You'll probably spend hours looking at the stick, ask dh to look at the strick, and then call your bff to come by to look at the strick and ask, "Is the test line darker than the control line?" Just remember that when you get a positive your test line will be noticably darker. Also, never use fmu for OPKs...take the test around 2pm and try to make sure that your pee is not too diluted :-)


mjvdec01 - January 22

I always started testing on cd 6 and started bd'ing as soon as I began to see the test line come up. We would bd every day until the second line was almost gone. I think a lot of women make the mistake of waiting for the line to get really dark before having s_x and miss ovulation because of it. I have a daughter who will be two on februaruy 9th and I am currently 13 weeks 5 days with my second pregnancy. This is the method we used both times and as you can see it worked great. Good luck to you!


kelsajo - January 22

just because i had a limited amount of tests, and they were it said to test on cd11, and i didn't test till cd12 and got a positive opk for 3 days straight!!


jezebel1018 - January 23

i ovulate on cd10 so when i started using the sticks on cd12 i missed it. i think someone else told me what bb said start on day 8...but personally i found temping to be the best, i dont even use opks any more.


Eljay - January 23

Thanks soo much for your answers ladies, I am on cycle day 8 2day OMG! Best start testing.... fingers crossed! oooh and another thing I take tyroxine tablets would that effect the results at all?


Eljay - January 23




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