Somebody Please Respond VERY Confuse I Really Need Advice

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m - October 15

Hopefully somebody will respond. I am really confused: Last month my AF was late 21st, but it showed up and was somewhat normal. On the 30th my br___ts gat swollen and very sore. I was supposed to ovulate on the 6th, nothing, no mucus changes,and a negative fertility monitor. I went to the MD she said my cervix is very high and soft, she ran a HCG Quant (it was 2) and tested all my hormone levels, they were normal. So for the last MONTH my br___ts have been sore and swollen, so here is the latest thing I am not schedule for my AF till the 21rst (I have a perfect 30 day cycle) and today, I have light spotting. What is going on, am I going crazy????


jEN - October 15

Have you been on the pill or patch?


m - October 15

No I have not been on any birth control for the last 9 months. My husband and I have been TTC for the last 2-3 months. What is so strange is that I have a very normal 30 day cycle, and my ovulation is pretty cla__sic and predictable as well. This month is very strange for me. My doctor really thought I was pregnant, based off of my exam, but my Quant was 2 (anything under 5 is negative.)


to M - October 15

Its possible that you are pg, but the baby's not producing the hormone just yet. I think you should wait a few more days and go back for another quant. Maybe by then the levels will have doubled. Until then, think pg and take care of your body!


m - October 15

My quant was on the 6th or 7th. Which is also why I think I missed my ovulation, when my MD did an exam(about the time I should have ovulated), she said I had no ovulation signs, and that my cervix looked like somebody who is having a hormone problem or pregnant, (VERY high and soft) and both came back negative. I really cant think of any reason why my b___sts have been so sore and swollen for a whole month? Can you?


m - October 16

I am having light brown spotting 8 days before my period, is this just a early period or what. This has never happened before.



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