Somebody Plz Answer OV Spotting

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js - October 12

I've asked this question before but nobody really answer. Does ovulation spotting occur after actual ovulation, before ovulation, or during ovulation? I just need to know because I don't know if what my girlfriend could have is OV spotting or possible IB.


Interesting - October 12

That you ask that question, because my last two cycles I have had ovulation spotting, and it is only for an hour or two, and it's not completely noticible at all. If your girlfriend had a regular cycle the month before, then it would be ovulation spotting....and I don't know if it is before, after, or during ovulation. But if anyone knows, input would be appreciated.


......... - October 12

If nobody can answer you she should go to the doctor if this is not normal for her.


js - October 12

It's also interesting you stated "If she had a regular cycle the month before." Actually she didn't have a regular cycle, that is what also makes this so confusing. Took HPT and was neg. but we tested way too early. Does the irregular cycle the month before mean anything?


........... - October 12

Is she young?? Teenagers sometimes have irregular af's.


To js - October 12

Some people spot every month. If you are really worried she should probably go to the doctor or planed parenthood if she doesn't want to go to the doc. Planed parent hood help out a lot. When I didn't have insurence I went to them for a UTI.


Well - October 12

Are her cycles usually long, past 31 days or pretty short? Also, how many days late for her period is she? If she is not late yet, it can be too early for any hcg to pick up in a urine test.


js - October 12

She is 21 years old, her cycles range from 30-37 days. She NEVER spotted before in the middle of her cycle. It was light brown and lasted 3 days.


naturechild - October 12

You state that she normally does not get ovulation spotting? If not.. then it could be implantation. Ovulation spotting is very rare. Finally, I have never heard of implantation spotting happening earlier than 4 dpo (or what would be your normal ovulation day. There are many reasons she could be spotting besides ovulation or implantation. Hope it works out the way she would like! naturechild


To js - October 12

Does she know when she Oed? I personaly would wait another week and test again.


to naturechild - October 12

Well, this is my concern then, we had s_x CD 10 and her spotting occured approx CD 15, so it could be IB. I'm so confused. Could IB happen on day 5 after s_x?


To js - October 12

I think it sounds like IB. Wait and test in a week. Are you TTC? Would it be a bad thing if she were pg?


to js - October 12

honestly, there are many reasons she could be spotting, and yes 5 days after s_x (if it occurred on her O day) could be implantation bleeding. I'm not a doctor, but am 35 and have had 5 children... so have a little bit of experience. If pregnancy is something you are hoping for, yes it could be impantation, but if not.. there are other reasons... Good Luck!


js - October 12

okay, here is the thing I'm kind of wondering about. We had s_x on CD 10, she spotted on CD15. CD 10 (Monday) was the day I came back out of town. My GF was out partying all weekend before I came back. This is another reason why I'm all confused. I read IB is much more probable around day 8 or 9. If it was OV spotting she could be pregant by me (which is fine.) But having IB from me (5 days after s_x) seems a bit early.


Trust - October 12

It is all about trust. Do you trust her? And yes I have heard of women IBing between 5 to 12 days after Oing.


Trust - October 12

It is crazy how different every womans body is.


naturechild to js - October 12

i know it's hard but, wait and see if she is pregnant before you worry about the rest. a little bit of spotting really doesn't mean anything. (i know ladies, it's hopeful... but it's true). a positive test is the only real way to know for sure. ... the rest of the relationship stuff you will have to figure out from there. if she is pregnant... and by some chance you find that she was not only with you around when she ovulated - and i hope that not to be the case - there is no way to know for sure whose child it is unless you get a paternity test done.



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