Someone Break Down Luteal Phase And Implant Bleeding

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LadyD - March 24

Hi, everybody. My last af was 3/15, I have a 32 day cycle that runs like clockwork (except for about 7 months ago but it's back on track now), which means I should ov around 4/1. Well, I went to the bathroom at 1a.m. last night and when I wiped there was light pinkish-red blood on the tp. This is not normal for me. I bd'd on cd6 and cd10 (today) but used the pullout method. This morning, I didn't see any blood. I went to the bathroom about an hour ago and there was the same pinkish red blood. And I keep getting cramps on and off. Am I ovulating? I know what a luteal phase is but wouldn't that mean mine is 23 days? The average is 14 days. I know you can get pg at anytime but it has me thinking now...could I have Ov'd during my period because (don't want to think too far ahead) what if it is implant bleeding?When does implant bleeding occur? HELP! I have a child already but when I got pg with her, I wasn't ttc, I was just blesed, so I did not pay attention to what was going on with my body. Thanks ladies!


miamia06 - March 24

Hey lady d! My last af was 3/14, and I have been cramping ov day is the 3/27, suppose to be. But now I am thinking it's goin to be earlier or already happen. I bd ever since my af stop. I don't know what to tell you because I am in the same situation.


LadyD - March 24

I guess we have to wait and see other people's opinions on it or if they have experienced it. I am sitting here cramping which is so odd because even when af is coming I don't cramp. I am not thinking too far ahead so I'll just think it's gas for now...HAHAHA.


LadyD - March 28



mamacita - March 28

Do u use opk??


Emma2 - March 28

I wish i could answer you correctly!!!! You can't have a 23 day luteal phase. I am really confused about this one. It could be just hormones causing you to spot a little. I doubt very highly you O'ed during your period since you have a 32 day cycle. I am sorry to say this but your just gonna have to wait it out .


jeanette - March 28

Some women have ovulation spotting, could be a warning of upcoming ovulation, together with your cramps. Maybe you will ovulate early? If you do opk's they will pinpoint ovulation for you a bit better. There is really no way to know for sure when you are ovulating unless you do opk's, temp, and pay attention to your cm all at once. And even then, we cant really get the exact moment of ovulation. Unless you do all that, its just really a guessing game. Hope I helped a bit. You can go to, its a great site for charting and alot of information about fertility and pregnancy. Babydust girls!


Emma2 - March 28

OH yeah, jeanette you may be right...Hello!!! You should be O'ing soon..I have heard of some women spotting during ovulation. I guess i didn't realize you were close to O...


LadyD - April 4

No, I do not use an opk. Honestly, I don't want to waste money on that stuff until I have no choice. Being that I know I can conceive, or have been able to in the past, I will wait a lil while before I start going crazy with all the gadgets. I haven't noticed anything else re: blood. Has anyone else experienced this?


plzhelp - April 4

LadyD, I have been experiencing kind of the same thing, except I had brown spotting a week ago, and a couple times since. I have never had this happen to me, I have had lower cramping which is really odd for me as well. My last period was March 14, so I just have to wait it out. Good Luck!


mbostick25 - January 22

I'm suppose to be ovulating and I have a mucuosy discharge thats pink with lower belly cramping. Along with two days of being nauses, headache, and dizzy. Please help


krissy2006 - January 22

mbostick25 this post is about 9 months old. You may want to post your question in a new post by clicking on the ask your question link above the list of posts... Also, you haven't stated what you want help with. Please elaborate.



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