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Girly - February 10

Help.I cannot go to a doctor or approach my mom,so I would appreciate an answer.Im 23yrs old.I was on OC (Nordette) for 5yrs from 1999-1994 to regulate my periods.I stopped taking it for 8months (from April to November) & then went back on it from 29 Nov 2004.I forgot to take one pill on 31 Dec 2004,but as soon as I remembered I took it,which was on 1st Jan 2005.I took the next pill at the normal time that same day.On 8 Jan 2005,my partner and I "fooled around".Im almost certain that he didnt c_m (sorry) & there was NO penetration either.I was supposed to get my period on 20th of Jan,but got it on 21st instead.I started a dark blackish/brown discharge on the 18th Jan.I've done FIVE hpt's (famous UK brand which claims to be over 99% accurate).I tested according to the instructions and it says to not test less than 19days.I've tested at 21 days,24 days & 29 days.All tests read negative.My next period is due on 17th of this month.I've been panicked since & just having to wait till then is driving me insane.A close friend says that I'm paranoid (& i probably am)to have done all those tests, but then I hear stories of women who continue to get their periods thru pregnancy (is that a common occurance?) & those who dont know that they are pregnant until they are 4months along.I've been feeling weird,more scared & panicked,& dont know if I should interpret that as anyting to do with pregnancy,along with the dark discharge before my last period.I've "gained weight" but when I get on the scale,I still weigh the same.My tummy seems bigger.I dont eat any more than usual,probably less.And every time i think "pregnant",i get a pang of pain in my tummy.Should I be worried about anything?????


Nat - February 10

After 5 negative pregnancy tests and being on the pill, you really have nothing to worry about.


S5 - February 10

you might be over-reacting a little. anything can make your period one day late. You will have to wait and see it doesn't sound like it and the pill and your body might be kind of getting used to eachother again. But also you might want to use some extra protection as I am living proof you can get preg on the pill and my son if know 14 going on 15 in june. Just be a little more aware , and you are not the first person to miss a pill and you did do the right thing by doing your normal pill taking time, I think you will be ok. You unfortunately will have to play the waiting game I am sorry if it is not that helpful, just thought I could help a bit. You are too young to have to worry about such a big thing. Take care and let us know ok.



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