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veronicabot - January 21

Almost 5 months since my last regular period. I have regular unprotected s_x, and I have taken several pregnancy tests and they have all comeout negative. yesterday though, i thought i started my period because i had a pinkish the night nothing was coming out and this morning it's brown discharge. I want to be pregnant, but the tests have said no...i took one like a week and a half ago and it said no... ...any advice or soemthing to do?? thanks...


jeanette - January 21

Go to the Doctor!


gcmickens - January 21

Hi Veronica - first, please don't freak out! Are you SURE it's been 5 months since your last period? Do you have a gynecologist you can go see soon, as you need a blood test done to see if you are pregnant, or other tests done to see why you've missed five periods... Good luck!


Jen73 - January 21

Yes. Go to the doctor:)


veronicabot - January 21

yeah im waiting to get insurance, because i dont have any. my last period was middle of september so we're going on 5 months here. there are no clinics around that i can go to so my boyfriend is trying to get me put on his insurance...or we'll just get married (since we will anyway) and that way i can get checked out...


Lin - January 21

Are you in the States? Getting married would be a hell of a lot more trouble than travelling to your nearest Planned Parenthood. You can search locations on the web. Check it out.


veronicabot - January 21

well i know about planned parenthood but my problems span further than this thread. i have a hernia in my stomach from when i had my daughter and i have to get surgery for it and i have other problems. lol...and for US marriage isn't trouble. we want to get married right now but we dont have the money, so we're thinking of doing the big wedding later on and get married now in the courts or whatever...



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