Someone PLEASE Give Me Advice

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nurs2b24 - February 22

Okay...can anybody please give me some advice on and my hubby had s_x 2/10, 2/13, 2/14, 2/15. I ovulated on the 14th. Well, it has only been a little over a week and for the past 2 days I have had a lot of cramping and abdominal pain. I haven't had any spotting just some milky discharge. I have been EXTREMELY moody and i have had a headache everyday. I keep feeling little twinges every now in then too in my lower abdomen. I am suppose to start my period on the 26th or 27th so it is too early for me to be cramping for my period. Do you think I could be pregnant?? I went to the doctor this morning and she said it was too soon to take a test and that I could have an infection.....but I've heard people say they have discharge when they are pregnant so I dont think the doc was very right. Anyway...someone please help me figure this out!!


frozenfeet - February 22

Your signs sound very promising, all you can do is wait. You can try testing 2-3 days before your AF with FMU and an early detection test. Or you can wait until no AF...and test then! GL


sososleepy - February 22

Hi nurse2b24, I think I O'd on the 25th, so let's dread af together, shall we? You got more swimmers than I did; I'm jealous (sssh, don't tell my dh I said that!!!) This is what I understand they call the 2ww (two week wait) and it's HORRIBLE!!! Stefkay and I have been chatting in the loss board as we both just mc'd. That makes me a lot more nuts about ttc. She suggested dollar tree pg and opk tests yesterday, so I immediately contacted dh and asked him to stop on his way home, which he did, and bought me 10 pg tests for $10. I used one this am (7dpo, LOL) and of course it was negative. I've read the signs and symptoms, checked cp temps ect... and bottom line, there does not seem to be any way out of the evil 2ww but af or bfp or temp drops if you track bbt. Of course, I'm still writing down every twinge, feeling, acne bump, cp, cm etc. on my chart so if af visists I can compare all of those next cycle.... Hang in there with me; these are the s l o w e s t days of the month! ... and do tell if something changes, as will I



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