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britneyhayden - April 29

Okay so i took 2 test the day before af and they were both positive right away the next day 2 more positives well 2 days later my friend went and got some more test for her to test with hers came out positive and really good ones well i tested with the other 2 that came in the packs with hers and mine were negative i mean whats going on she said it was maybe were i had drunk so much today but i mean i drank pop and stuff the other day too and im 3 days late today so shouldnt my test been good positives by now maybe im not pregnant i dont know what to think or do and these 4 test i took were came up within the first 2 mins so please girls has this happen to anyone else and stil lbe pregnant i can tcall my doctor til mondya and i know it be atleast a week before she will see me im thinking about just going to the clinic monday give me some input im freaking out!! we've been trying for 2 years and im just going bonkers! lol


snugglybugglys - April 29

Well I do know that even tests in the same box can have different levels of sensitivity. What brands did you test with? I would go to the clinic if your dr can't get you in soon. Just to make sure. Do you have a dollar tree around you? I used those...and took another one when I was like 3 days late just to make sure again. Anyway, they are only a buck, and accurate. Good luck...I totally hope those other tests are wrong!


britneyhayden - April 29

Thanks well i took the dollar tree test and on all 6 got positives well today i took one first response and it was negative and then i tried to pee again on the answer test right after lol but it just wasnt happeing i got like one drop on the test stick but still got a faint line but after a few hours it went away so i have no clue and then just a lil while ago i took another dollar tree test and got a positive although this one was really lighter then my others which was dark so i dunno i was reading that your flid intake can affect it so who knows i went and bought a ept that im taking in the morning so thanks


snugglybugglys - April 30

Yeah the DT tests I took later in the day after drinking a lot and it was faint, and when I used FMU it was pretty dark. I think with 7 positives you have to be prego! Good luck in the morning!


britneyhayden - April 30

Well i tested this morning with an ept and negative i have no clue whats going on and i cried for like 2 hours this morning after 2 years of trying i really wanted it who knows but im still going to the clinic tomorrow hoping for some answers and thanks for the help!


LN030905 - April 30

Hey Britney...dont sweat it, hun! I lokoed on for ya and the ept brand doesnt have an all that high detection level. I bet you will get a + on that brand in a few days!! Keep ur head up girly, Id say a hand ful of positivies means ur preg-o!!! Your right about the fluid intake diluting ur can cause a negative!


britneyhayden - April 30

Thank you all so much i think im gonna have to go do some looking on there because i really do feel pregnant thats the sad thing lol just a feeling and the only test i can get to show it is a dollar tree one lol so i dunno i think im going to go pick up a frer although i did take one yesterday i think were i drunk so much maybe affected the result im not sure this stuff really makes a gal crazi! lol


snugglybugglys - April 30

I just have to tell you my story Brit...okay so as I said I took the DT tests...well they must be really really more than 25 muis as stated on box. I say this because when I went to the hospital for a was much fainter and took a bit longer to turn positive. The nurse actually started to tell me it was negetive. So don't worry. EPT suck anyway. You have to be farther like LN said. I think it's 100 muis it detects. Good luck at the clinic!


britneyhayden - May 1

Thanks sungglebugglys well see i took another test tonight dt of course lol and it was still positve but faint im just praying to God i'm just not that far along and it is picking up a lil something because the first 6 test i got came from dt but this 3 i got from dollar genarl but same new choice test so i dunno either the test is outta wack lol or im just not that far along yet im hoping so im just going to call my obgyn and schedule appt in 2 weeks that way i should be a lil father along or will start lol but i just hope i am congradulations though im so happy for u!!


britneyhayden - May 1

Thanks so much snugglybuggly that gives me alot of hope i took another test dt of course tonight still a faint positve but there! So i have no clue but i realized i had never took a dt with fmu so im going to try it in the morning and see if the line is any darker plus my moms helped talk me through most of this which is great and she thinks it be better just to call my obgyn and make the appointmet for 2 weeks that way i will either be far enough along to tell and show up or something or i will start which i hope is not the case but who knows the first 6 positives i bought from dt and i was like maybe it was just that batch of test lol so these past 3 test which also have been faint positives i bought from dollar general so who know lol keep the fingers crossed girls!! And congradulations!! im so happy for you is this your first child??


Emma2 - May 1

Tests vary for sensitivity .


britneyhayden - May 1

Well im still so confused but my doc is going to see my wenseday at 10 so i guess i will hopefully find out something then but thanks for the help everyone!


snugglybugglys - May 1

Oh I'm so glad you are getting in so soon! Thanks...this is my 4th pregnancy though...5th child. I have twins. I am just as excited as I was with the first though! :) This is going to be our last baby, I'm getting my tubes tied after this one. You are totally prego Britney! I can't wait for you have "proof" tomorrow. That way you can celebrate truly, and have no more worrying! :) TTYL! Good luck at your appt! I will check back tomorrow and see how everything goes! :)


britneyhayden - May 2

Well im totally confused girls i woke up this morning in what i think is the worst cramping and what have u pain i have ever had in my life and i made it to the bathroom and i was bleeding like no other when i get my period it usually doesnt get like heavy bleeding to the second and third day sorry if tmi but this was awful i mean BAD! and im still hurting i dont know what happened or why i got so many positives if i wasnt pregnant i think im going to call and reschedule my appt for tomorrow til next wenseday and go in and get a through check up and maybe get the ball started on getting a lil help since weve been ttc #2 for over a year now so im now more confused then ever but take care everyone and thanks so much for the help and kind words it helped alot from me goin insane the past few dfays lol


Faith1 - May 2

it sounds like you had a miscarriage.i'm very sorry.


snugglybugglys - May 3

I'm so sorry to hear does sound like you had a miscarraige. That is how mine was in September. Good luck with the baby making! ~Aimee~


Patti - May 3

I'm soooo sorry. I know just how devastating it can be. I had the same thing happen back in Nov. I tested positive and then I got a really really faint positive. I went to the Dr. and started bleeding while I was there. I took another test and it was negative. I do want you to know that I got pregnant a month later. They say you can be more fertile after a m/c. Again, I'm really sorry for your loss and I wish you well.



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