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Amy - August 29

July 11 I had my period, had s_x with my bf somewhere around 24-28 of July. August my period was lighter. had clotts, and blood but did not last quite a long as usual it lasted 3 days total. Sunday morning and evening I had pretty severe cramping. Is this ovulation or could I be prego. Me and my boyfriend broke up about 3 weeks ago. I am scared please give any advise.


for amy - August 29

Amy - take a test. Since you already had your period, chances are very good you're not pregnant. But take a test to put your mind at ease.


to amy - August 29

i think it is a good sign that you had your period, but i agree with for amy take a test just in case. when in august did you have your af?


Amy - August 29

My last period was August 11/12 and pretty much ended 14 with light end blood on the 15. I took a test right before I started in August and it came out negative. So the cramping I was experiencing do you think I was ovualtiong. I have a 2.5 year old daughter and i had to have a C-section. Could this have any connection. Thanks a million


pg-test-a-holic - August 29

sounds like ovulation to me. the dates you gave us would not match up for you to be pregnant - wait 10 days (i know - easier said then done) and take a test. But from what it sounds like, I dont think you are. :)


Grandpa Viv - August 29

Sunday was on schedule for ovulation, but it seems you do not normally have pain at that time, so perhaps pregnancy is a possibility even though you have no signs to talk about. Your first home test was too early. Take another test now first am pee and see if the result is different. Good luck!


Amy - August 30

Thanks for all the advise. Grandpa Viv i do have cramping around ovulation ever since I had my C-section. Sometimes it is severe and sometimes it mellow. I just wanted peoples thoughts because I am not with my bf and I am scared to have a baby alone. Thanks


to amy - August 30

defo not pregnant, good luck


Barb - August 30

No, ithink its just ovulation...your not dont worry


Akhirah - August 30

I think you are pregnant because the same thing actually around the same date happend to me. My I had my period around July 10, or 11th, and lasted till the end of July. I had spotting in the beginning of August but it was dark red and lasted for 1 day and a half. Now I am pregnant. Everybody's body is different so you may not want to wait to take a pregnancy test...



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