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NT - October 20

My husband and I are TTC before he leaves for Iraq in January. I am currently at the most fertile point of my cycle this month although I have a slight yeast infection. I was wondering if the treatment for a yeast infection would lower my chances of concieving or harm the baby if I did? I just had a miscarriage last month and I just want to do everything right. Thankyou.


E - October 20

The suppository will lower your chances only b/c it is so thick and the sperm will have a more difficult time swimming to the egg. If they get stuck in the cream, they may die. I say flush the cream out of you b4 s_x. Example, use the cream at night and have s_x in the morning after you have cleaned the remaining cream away. Good luck:)


m - October 20

I realize you are under a time-constraint situation. However, I have a piece of advice for you not concerning the yeast infection. You say you had a mc last month. Have you had a FULL cycle since then? If not, you really need to. I had a mc last month, too. I was in such a hurry to re-conceive that I jumped right in and did it without giving my body time to cycle through and heal to prepare for another pregnancy. Well, guess what! I lost it, too. My body wasn't ready. Please keep that in mind! Good luck. Are you in the US? I am. If you are, tell your husband may God be with him. I pray every day for our troops. You are married to a brave, admirable man. I'm sure you know that though. Tell him Thank You from a stranger who appreciates our military and their sacrifices.


NT - October 20

Thank you both for the advice. I was wondering if I should wait it out a month I am just so anxious. Yes I am in the US and thankyou for your words of support for my husband. At this point he is wanting us to get pregnant so bad before he leaves. I would love for it to happen too but right now I just want him to come home safely. Any added blessings would be icing on the cake. m, how far along were you at both times that you miscarried? If you don't mind me asking.


m - October 21

I don't mind at all! I was right at 5 weeks both times. The second time I went a couple days longer, but they were both basically the same time. I took care of myself both times. Nobody in my house smokes, I laid off of the wine, etc. I don't know what happened the first time, probably just a fluke. But I (and my doctor) think the second time was because I didn't let my body cycle through and heal. So now they are telling me to wait 2 or 3 cycles instead of just one. I wish you both the best of luck! If you have anymore questions for me, feel free to ask!



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