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soconfused1 - February 26

h__lo this is my first time well my last period was dec 11 2006 and then in jan 2007 on the 9th i got this light pink spotting that only happened when i wiped and then it just kept spotting the next day then i got light brown spotting until th 26 of jan and then it stoped and i have not had a period since what is wrong all the test came back neg plz help me is something else wrong i have all the symtoms it feel like my breats are getting big and darker i feel realy tired my head hurts some foods i used to like i hate right now plz help thanx


elaine_urch - February 27

If i an eight days late on my peiod could i be pergnant


Grandpa Viv - February 27

While these sound like signs of pregnancy, it is not likely that you are close to the end of the first trimester, still testing negative, and not complaining of nausea. Could you have skipped an ovulation and got pregnant more recently - how often are you having s_x? If you have insurance it might be time to ask for an ultrasound. Good luck!


Txffwife - February 28

Soconfused1... I too had some of this spotting sporadically and no period. I was late 3 1/2 weeks when I went in to have blood work and an ultrasound done. I have had multiple miscarriages in the past, so I make sure to always request an ultrasound. I too was getting negative hpt's, but I had all kinds of symptoms, inlcuding super tender bb's and slight cramping, exhaustion... Anyhow, it turned out I was not pregnant, but had a Corpus luteum cyst on my right ovary, which all women who ovulate produce. This cyst holds the progesterone that supports the baby for about the 1st trimester. If you do not conceive, the cyst is supposed to go away automatically and you get your period. Well, mine didn't do that, so it's still there producing a ton of progesterone that gives you all of the pregnancy symptoms. These cysts also delay your af, so you end up stuck waiting for the cyst to dissolve and af to come. I hope this is not the case with you, but this just happened to me yesterday, so it answered so many questions I had. Good luck!


soconfused1 - February 28

thank you for you help i have s_x very often i am not sure if the thing in feb was my period or not thats when i started feeling all these symtoms i do get nausea at night and sometimes when i smell certain foods so you think i possibly could be pregnant just not as far as i thought?so i should ask the doctors fro and ultrasound brcause i thinik i am pregnant or something else is wrong?


Grandpa Viv - February 28

You had not mentioned a "thing in Feb" before. Since you are having frequent s_x, work on the a__sumption that you got pregnant about a week before you started feeling all these signs. Seems like another preg test first morning pee on Saturday would be a good move. Good luck!


soconfused1 - March 1

im sorry i didnt mean feb i ment january sorry all this is so confusing right now i started feeling all these sighns in jan when the spotting started happening and since then they have gotten worse but laso my mother has 3 kids and with all three of them she took test after test and went to the dr and kept telling them she was preg and they said ur test is neg. and then finally her 3rd month the test showed positive so i dont know if i should go by january the spoting then or dec. the last period i had i dont know what to do plz help you are helping me so much thank you


Martha31 - March 1

have you tried blood test yet? This is probably the most accurate test that exist.... good luck!


Grandpa Viv - March 1

I think you should work on the a__sumption that the spotting toward the end of your Dec/Jan cycle was implantation. That was when your signs of pregnancy began, too. You have a family history of low hCG in early pregnancy, which might explain the situation. If this is correct you are close to the end of the first trimester. Take one more test and also call the doctor for an appointment to see why your period is missing. An ultrasound is appropriate because one should be done in the first trimester, plus it will pick up a cyst if it is not a pregnancy. Good luck!



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