Someone Whos Pregnant Or Has Been Pregnant Please Answer

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Kimberly - January 13

ok I have been having alot of symptoms but havent missed my period yet..I'm supposed to start monday the 16th..heres all my signs including the last one which I just started noticing..Nausiousness, urinating alot,constantly tired,cravings,sleeplessness,being uncomfortable,odd sensations in my tummy at night when I lay down to sleep, moodyness,overly emotional,pinkish purple veins all around nipples and br___t and blueish green veins more noticeable and my br___t are really tender,and lately everytime I lay on my side which I always sleep like that and I stay like that all night I have been waking up on my back and sleeping better on my back.the pinkish veins were extremely noticeable last night but today not as noticeable what do you think that means? I'm freakin out because I just want to know if I'm pregnant but I'm afraid to test before monday...any advice will be more than appreciated....oh one more thing food that I love or ate the day before the thought of it makes me want to get sick?ok thanks I hope I get some feed back!


r - January 13

Hi, Well all the symptoms you described are all signs that a pregnant woman would have. When was your LMP and if you are on a 28 day cycle you would have been ovulating 14 days after that...did you have s_x around that time? Your signs all point towards a pregnancy. I tested 4 days before my period with the ClearBlue digital test that gives you a + or - sign...and I got my positive answer in seconds. Even the day after at the doctor's they had to do it 3 times before getting a faint I highly recommend the ClearBlue digital. Good luck :o)


Jay - January 13

Hi - I am pregnant. I spent loads of cash on HPT's - then finally got smart and called the 800 numbers on the box. The early response (4 days earlier) test can detect as little as 25 hcg's in your uring. Sorry R - the clear blue(which gave me a big fat neg the same day the first response gave me a positive) can only detect as little as 50 hcg's. I guess R must have a high level of HCG in her urine earlier than most. It does seem like you have all the preggie symptoms. Good luck.


Kat - January 13

Mmmm... I have been pregnant 5 times (two kids, 3 miscarriages)... different signs each time, try the test on monday, however with EACH of my pregnancies i did a test a day after my period was due, with negative result, then a week later had faint line. So i think the tests are NOT as accurate as the advertising would lead one to believe. Good Luck.



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