Something I Saw On The News Mabye Helpful

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jodie - February 28

Hey ladies. I was watching the news this morning and they were saying that Harvard did a study that showed that Ben & Jerry's ice cream (not sure if it's a certain kind) helps improve the chances of ttc for certain types of infertility. Not sure how legit it is...but you could google it and see if it holds any truth. Good luck! P.S. I saw it on FOX NEWS this morning!!


Megs - February 28

Hey, sounds good to me! I'm a Fox-a-holic! LOL


jodie - February 28

Here's something I found: Eat ice cream to become pregnant Tuesday, February 27, 2007 Ice cream, being eatenTuck into a tub of Ben & Jerry's regularly and you'll almost certainly see your waistline expand. But its calorie-laden ingredients may not be the reason for your enlarged midriff, research today suggests. Ice cream, it seems, can help women become pregnant because it reduces the risk of ovulation failure. Today's top news headlines Women who tucked in two or more times a week had a 38 per cent lower risk of ovulation-related infertility than those who treated themselves less than once a week, the US-led study of 18,555 women found. Fatty dairy products may contain a fat-soluble chemical which improves ovarian function, the researchers said in the journal Human Reproduction. Chris Barratt, of Birmingham University, said: 'It's a very comprehensive study – you can have some confidence in the results.'


Megs - February 28,4670,DietIceCreamPregnancy,00.html


Megs - February 28

Take out dashes.


Megs - February 28

That's too funny!! I'll give it a try, oh wait, I just gotta change to Ben and Jerry's! LOL :-)


LN030905 - February 28

Thats hillarious! Im not a big fan of dairy..didnt realize there could possibly be a link between ovulation and dairy! Guess I should start drinking the milk!


angie m - February 28

I saw the same thing on my local morning news and thought that it had to be too go to be true. But I am more then willing to give it a try and who wouldn't. I am sure that it will help us ladies trying to conceive feel less guilty about eating it too. Can't wait to have myself a bowl tonight.


krissy2006 - March 1

I saw the exact same thing but on the Spanish news!! LOL!!! Maybe there's some truth to it! Heck May as well try it and enjoy! LOL



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