Something Is Happening With My Breasts What Is Going On

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Vanessa - March 13

I am 30 and have never been pregnant. That said, DH and I had plenty of opportunity to conceive last weekend. I'm not sure if what I'm feeling in my br___ts is the first indication of a brand new pregnancy. Since 5 DPO, my br___ts have been tingling and the very tips of my nipples have felt almost sunburnt. I guess that's the best way to describe the feeling. Yesturday, at 7 DPO, I noticed a network of dark veins showing from under my skin - all throughout my areolas and running to the tips of my nipples. I have never had these before so I'm wondering if my body is telling me something long before a pregnancy test will. I am not due for my period until March 21st so I don't want to test now and just waste a test. Has anyone had this happen to them in the first week after conception? How many DPO should I wait to take a test to be sure? Any input is appreciated... thanks ladies.


jordan - March 13

I'm waiting for my period on the 21st too!!!! My only indication that I am pregnant is my sore b___st! Im in the same boat and I've also been wondering the same thing..has anyone experianced this so early? I would have conceived on the 5th could I already be feeling signs? Vannesa good luck hun!


em - March 13

I have the same blue veins. They are on both b___bs and run into my nipples. They also run up into my shoulders and the tops of my arms. I had what I think might have been implantation bleeding a week and a half ago. I have had 2 neg hpts. I am going to take another in the morning. I can also squeeze milk from my nipple. The earliest you should take a test is the day your af is supposed to come. There have been several women on here that didn't have a pos hpt until 6--8 wks pg. I should be baout 6 wks. I will let you know what I find out! baby dust!!


kitty - March 13

i too have the veins. sometimes i feel like the vein queen. lol i have this one vein i can literaly trace from under my chin, all the way into my chest. at 1st i was confused it looked like a lang streak of dirt when it 1st showed. then gained it blue color.they are circling my nipples going along the sides and insides of my b___sts traceing up to this "spider-web" of blue veins on my chest. they run everywere lol. i also have thos ugly little spider veins which started on the sides of my b___sts,but now seem to be spreading to the tops and insides. they have also gotten heavyer and fuller. most of them seem to show mostly at night, or in the am when i get up. i heard this happens to alot of women. i wonder why.


em - March 13

mine are more noticeable at night too. the little spider veins you were talking about---are they blue too? my b___sts look kind of pink/purpleish with small darker pink spider veins.


kitty - March 13

the spider veins i have run anywere from red to blue to almost purple. sometimes, my b___sts look almost brused. lol i dont like them. they look almost like colored hairs right under your skins but still quite visisble. evn during the day when they dont show as much.


em - March 13

i have the exact same thing. have you tested at all?


kitty - March 13

yea i tested on a hpt. a bfp. im going to the doc this week for a blood test too.


em - March 14

how far along do you think you are?


kitty - March 14

im guessing around 5 weeks. the 1st day of my lmp was feb 8.


hello - March 14

congrats kitty x


Vanessa - March 14

Congrats Kitty! I am very excited for you -- at least you know the veins are for a reason now. My b___sts are still feeling very achy and the veins are spreading a bit outward now to the more fleshy parts of my chest. It's weird only because I wouldn't be more than a week and a couple of days from when I would have conceived. Haven't had any spotting or extra heavy discharge... I'm thinking my body id just freaking out this month and I'm going to have a really "bad" period. Good luck to all the ladies who are hopeful that this month is "the month". ***Baby dust to you all!***


em - March 14

Congrats Kitty!!! I got a BFN this morning so I don't know why I have all of the veins. I would be 6 weeks if I were pg. I go to the dr on the 23rd so maybe he can tell me something useful.


bump - March 14



Chelsea - March 14

I am right there with you - anxiously awaiting the 21st and my b___bs are killing me! They have never hurt before this. Even stranger, they are growing! It's like puberty all over again! If they keep going like this I'm going to need new bras by the time the 21st comes around....keep me updated!!! This is my first month off the pill so maybe it's just hormones?


Gar - March 14

Breasts become tender very early on. They start to grow a couple of weeks into the pregnancy, that is when veins become visible and nipples darken. These changes happening this early on are very rare to none ... or the wish to have them be true. Maybe you never noticed the vains before, but they were always there ...


Julia - March 17

Congrats Kitty! Em how weird! this happened to me too at 9-10 dpo. Now at 11dpo no more milk but my b___sts are very full and sore. Haven't noticed any more veins. I tested this morning but bfn, see what happens. good luck everyone!



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