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Ashley - October 25

I have had a miscarriage about 6 years ago and was approx. 2 to 3 onths pregnant and was a very active person at the time with a VERY irregular period, so nothing seemd to triggere any suspicion. I had NO idea that I was pg back then, had my period and everything. I had no signs of sickness or anything else, so I am assuming this is possible for people. Again that was 6 years ago, I now work in an office full time and am not as active as I used to be back then, so I know with that the body changes. I am not due for my period for another week or week and a half so is it to early to take a pregnancy test? How early can symptoms take place?


Viv - October 25

Way too early, Ashley. Hope for symptoms of pregnancy a week before your expected period, and take a test a week after the missed period. You can test earlier if you want, but it will likely be a waste of money. It usually takes several months of trying to score a hit, and the doc won't want to hear complaints of failure until you have been trying for a year.


monique - October 25

symptoms for me happened as early as two weeks after i had s_x, you can have your period while pregnant.


wanda - October 25

I ovulated on Oct 2nd (based on basal temp), 10 days after that I start feeling nausea, then I got my period on Oct 15th, it's just like my normal period, 7days, and the temp drop too. But I still fell nausea, HPT negative. So if person pregnant with having period, is it sopposed to be lighter or shorter, or it could be just normal period also. Any response is appreciated.


Ashley - October 25

Monique, What were your symptoms. I think, like in my case, people gets themselves worked up about wanting to be pregnant that they THINK they have these slight signs. . .I hope thats not what I am doing.


waiting - November 1

wanda, I know two people that had periods while pregnant. I dont mean light spotting, I mean full 7 day flow. One had her period for 4 months and the other had hers the entire 9 months. Hope things turn out well.



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