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clynnlove - December 11

I'm 25, activly seeking pregnancy. I have a 5 year old already...we have been trying for two years, with no luck, but doctors have found no problems. I was due for my period somewhere between the 3rd and 6th of this month (december) but didn't get it. Last month around the 1st or 2nd week i had light spotting..i thought i just had a UTI. Now my period is no where in site...but I have taken 2 preg. tests (over the counter) with negative results. I assumed I was just late, but now the days are adding up. Some symtoms I have are: heartburn, I am continuously hungry, and cramping. I keep thinking I'm getting my period, but I dont'! With my daughter I didn't have these signs. I had swollen/sore br___ts and that was it. And the test showed up positive within a day or two of my missed period. Could I still be pregnant? The last test I took was sunday. That would be 3 days after my missed period. What other things could be causing this? Thank you so much for your help!!


lastchance - December 11

When you can test depends on a large number of factors. How late in your cycle you ovulated... how long the egg takes to implant (4-12 days after ovulation) and how long after that the hormones take to build up to a detectable level... Perhaps your hormone levels are not high enough yet... or stress is holding back your period... or you ovulated late... its hard to know until you have AF or a BFP. Try First Response Early Result, with first morning urine... and if a week later, still no period... hummm? maybe a blood test is in order... good luck. (I was 4 days late last week for an unknown reason, but unfortunately... she still came.)


Grandpa Viv - December 12

Heartburn, appet_te, good exposure, weird cramps, wet down there are all good signs. Not tired, peeing more, runny nose, acne, dreams, emotional, ga__sy, short of breath? Some women do not test positive until two weeks late. Hang in there and good luck!



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