Sooo Confused

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Amy - July 21

We have been trying for almost a year to get pregnant, my last period was in may i was supposed to start around the 16th of june then july 8th i started bleeding for about 2-3 days now todays the 21st and i am spotting i was ovulating tuesday is this normal could i possibly be pregnant????? i am sooo confused can anyone give me some answers!?!?!?!?!?!?!


confused too - July 22

Hey I am in the same boat as you. Two days ago I spotted pink/brown, nothing yesterday, and today it started again and it is red. We are ttc our 3rd and with my first two I did not do this. I just feel a little queasy at times, moreso yesterday, My af is not due until the end of the month so this is happening a week early....???? Yep I am confused.


Heather - July 22

confused too, sounds like you are haing implementation bleeding, it happens in 1/3 pregnancys - in a wk take a test! Amy - you should probably go to the doctor


really>??? - July 22

You think this is implantation bleeding?? What does the cervix do during this do you know? It is back to brownish blood and not as much now. This morning my cervix was open and very it is lower, hardening and closing???


Grandpa Viv - July 22

Amy, I can understand that you are getting anxious after a full year. The erratic bleeding and spotting is indeed confusing. And of course, you know that if you were for sure ovulating Tuesday, you would not have been pregnant before that. This month, two days after ovulation is too soon for implantation spotting. An ovarian cyst can cause menstrual irregularities, and unusual discharge. Maybe that is something you could investigate. Good luck! ...for really>??? - the cervix behaves erratically in the first week or two of pregnancy, and should not be used as a sign for or against.


Grandpa Viv - July 22

All day there has been nothing but brownish mixed in with some red. Not sure if this is early af yet.....I guess I'll know if it gets heavier for sure. It is just early for me and has me confused. I did not have the af symptoms before it is way strange.


sorry... - July 22

I meant to put to Grandpa Viv....I apologize.



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