Sore And Stinging Bb S Pregnant

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ziggymack - February 4

Hello ladies...heres my story I am a pcos'er so pregnancy is suppose to be taboo for me. However, I have been having regular menstrual cycles for about the past seven months (28 day). Well my last cycle was Jan 2nd. Signs I have had since extreme thirst, tiredness, crampy, nausea and extremely sore nipples that sting a little...i hope this make sense. Any other ladies experience similar symptoms. I'm afraid to test because of bfn ;(


Kayliesmommy - February 4

TEST! :) A test should be accurate now! Good luck!


ziggymack - February 5

thanks. for ur support. I've just had so many negative tests in the past I'm afraid this will be a repeat but you're right ! I'll post whatever happens


izechsmama - February 5

when are you gonna test girlie?? i'm excited for you!


ziggymack - February 5

definitely within the next couple of days....cramps are srill here i think af maybe coming


ziggymack - February 6

Still no af.....Still have some cramping from time to time and sore bb's but not so much the nipple although the stinging comes and goes....latest symptom lower back ache. I have come to the conclustion I will test Friday. I just keep feeling as if af maybe coming and I will have high hopes for nothing. Anyone felt this way?


ziggymack - February 7

Well ladies I got my cycle..I'm convinced that God is to just to make a mistake so it's just not my time. I am a little disappointed but I'll be fine. I've battled with pcos practically all my life and for first time in years I am pretty regular 28-35 days. Ladies keep me in your prayers. Any encouraging stories would be nice! Thanks


Livvi - February 7

hey i know exactly how you feel, however i had a baby 5 years ago and have been trying to have one since. if you keep trying and nothing happens then maybe a fertility doctor is for you. worth a try i hope the best for you


ziggymack - February 8

Thanks...I have an appointment on the 19th for my yearly check up and it just so happens that my doc is an ob gyn endocrinologist....we'll c. Good luck ladies


krissy2006 - February 8

Ziggy I really don't have any experience with pcos or any encouraging stories but just wanted to say good luck to you and hopefully God's timing will be REAL SOON. :) But it is His timing. Not ours and though its cliche, paitence is a virtue. :) It will make that BFP that much sweeter!!!


ziggymack - March 7

Hey ladies after a long and downward hill journey i finally found out today I am pregnant!!!! Unbelieveable I was patiently awaiting my cycle this month when i realized I was running late i finally tested ladies and positive. Anyone with similar situation.


ziggymack - March 7

My cycle last month was normal the first day but the second third and fourth days were barely nothing...This maybe tmi but there was literally no leakage unless I urinated...but i still dismissed pregnancy. This month all symptoms faded but i just had fatigue. This is so wild I can't believe it


ziggymack - March 7

I'm going to do a blood test today but I am so sure that I am around seven or eight weeks...unbelievable


vistagirl81 - March 7



Kiersten - March 7

Wow ziggymack! Congratulations! Happy and healthy 9 months!


Laceyandsamsmamma - March 7

congrats ziggymack now quick add your name to the March BFP lets count thread. H & H 9 months to you I am so excited for you:-)


Martha31 - March 7

ziggymack: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!



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