Sore Boob Burning Sensation

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wantbaby - September 19

Hi ladies has anyone had a burning sensation to sore feeling in their br___t. I am about 8dpo and for the last 3 days my one br___t has been feeling different. At first it felt like it had a burning sensation now it just feels tender on and off. My nipples are also very sensitive.


koala - September 19

Yes I have the same feeling as you, its a strange feeling not sore but hot and my nipples are sometimes itchy very sensitive, im also aprox 8dpo. Im wondering if im going mad i seem to be having all the symptoms but it is so early it could all be in my mind. What other syptons are you having?


Lisa - September 19

Hi, I am 10dpo. I have had burning in my nipples or a feeling of Hotness in the nipples mostly (sometimes around on the b___st) on and off since yesterday (9dpo). I had a mc in April, so I have been TTC since then again. I also had red spidery veins that showed up one day about 7dpo and then went away. Had a stuffy nose one morning, but no other symptoms really, not really any cramping. What other symptoms have you ladies had? When is your AF due, I calculated on the 20th, but my new software says the 24 because I ovulated late. thanks for listening.


wantbaby - September 19

Hi ladies thanks for the a__surance that i am not going crazy lol it is a weird feeling and it is coming and going I find I notice it the most while I am lying down either watching T.V. or in bed. I have also had cramps since Saturday they were really bad on Sat like AF was coming now they are just there. They do kinda feel like I have done a million situps I hope this is a good sign I don't want to get my hopes up. I am not 100% sure when I am to get Af as I have had irregular cycles since going off the pill in Feb. Since going off the pill I have not had tender b___sts at all so here's parying it is our month . Baby Dust keep me informed on how things turn out


ann - September 19

same here burning sensation and mild af cramp . af is due tomorrow the 20th , i bet it will be right on time.


Lisa - September 21

Ann, did your AF show up?


koala - September 21

Hi ladies, my AF is due on 29th, still getting a little tingling in my nipples but is off and on, nipples constantly erect and i have the blue veins on the sides, but to be honest i dont know if they were there before! New feeling though i seem to be having a dragging feeling in my groin bit like ps but different and it also feels like i have a rubber band being stretched just below my belly b___ton! I don't know, it is all i can think about i feel like im driving myself mad. Its great listening to you all least we are all going mad together! I seem to be getting so drained around 5.00 p.m. each day and i wake up with a stuffy nose. Please keep me informed on your progress, i really hope this is our month x


raven2k7 - June 21

hi , will someone please post and say if they got pregnant or not? thanks!


Grandpa Viv - June 21

Raven, those ladies probably have 8 year old kids by now. It's unfortunate that women don't give the follow-up that would help those coming later.



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