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??? - September 23

Hi, ok I had my period on Aug 4th it lasted it's full cycle about 6 days. I took an ovulation test on the 25th and it's result were that I was ovulating. My hubby and I are trying for a baby so we have been going at it like rabbits lol anyway I felt like I had started my period on the 6th of Sept so I went to the bathroom to check and it was mucus like discharge so I took another ovulation test just for the heck of it and it was very positive for ovulation. So know with that said and done my br___t have been sore for about a week and I'm getting little white pimple bumps on my areolas also I find myself urinating alot at odd times of the early morning before 6 am I have been a little tired moreso than normal especially around 2 in the afternoon while I'm at work. My hubby and I want to wait until the end of the month to test because I have taken a few test and they came up negative. I think I tested to early considering I'm just starting to have some signs oh I to am having strange dreams like each dream is about a baby at a different age and she is clearly ours and I dreamed that I could see the baby in the womb also I'm having a metalic taste in my mouth like I just got a filling in my tooth. Wow I've just rambled any advice would be greatly apprieciated. thanks


Viv - September 23

This is an interesting post. For a start you had an ovulation +ive on Day21, not around Day14 as one would expect with a 28 day cycle. For best chance of pregnancy it would have been preferable to let the rabbits out a few days before that, but never mind. The discharge on Sept 6th makes one want it to be implantation, 12 days after conception instead of the more normal 7 to 10. Symptoms normally start shortly after implantation, but yours started a week later. Your symptoms are very encouraging. I do not know enough about the ovulation test to know what it shows during a pregnancy. In my opinion you should be acting as though you are pregnant in terms of alcohol and prenatal vitamins are concerned, and you should schedule an appointment at a clinic for a confirming blood test. Those home tests don't work for everyone.


??? - September 23

Ho honey the rabbits have been out since my period ended on August 10th or so. LOL My b___st have been so moreso today so I checked them out and they have dark blue veins going towards the areola and the tips stay hard even though I'm warm. I also have a little constipation and gas. But anyway only time will tell I'll take a test soon thanks for the feed back viv. take care:)


??? - September 24

I went to the doctor today I'm pregnate 7 weeks :) YAY


frog1978 - September 24

Congratulations, hope I'm in the same boat, Viv replied to a my post a few days ago..Today in cycle day 32, I had some discharge, hoping implantation, so I'll keep you both posted..congratulations again!!!



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