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BabyCakes - April 18

ok i thought i might have been pregnant i go to the bath room alot, i have been gaining waight, feeling bloated, eating alot (more then normal), and have sore br___ts, the thing that really makes me think i am is the sore br___ts beacuse i tdont get sore br___ts befor my period and the only time i have ever had this happen befor is when i take 2 birth control pills at the same time and then it only last 2 or 3 days this has been happaning for about a week now and it is getting worse at frist it only husrt to touch then now if i take my bra off i like buckle over in pain and i dont know what else could be causeing it any one have any ideas? i have taken 2 preg tests and both come out neg. any suggestions would be great


ducky - April 18

hey babycakes im in the same boat as u are i dont know why my b___sts are hurting so badly i never get sore brests... started about a week ago everythign was sore then only sided then nipple so sensitive and now there so sore i cant sleep on them and when taking bra off its liek pure torture tested about 5 days ago and was a negative waiting to see if af shows up but not exactly sure when it should had a weird month this past month got af on the 4th through the 8th which is normal and wheni was expecting it for that month and then on the 25th of that month bled again for 3 days until the 27th mostly light never happened b4 ive been on a normal 28 day cycle since i was liek 13 lol i dono any advice appreciated ***+++...BABY DUST...+++***


BabyCakes - April 18

well ducky at least i know i am not the only one we can get through this together i know my AF should be here on the 28th so i guess for now i just have to wait and see .... i hate waiting :(


Nena - April 18

Hello ladies, I understand everything that you guys are saying. Last month my b___st were so sore it hurt when I was taking a shower, and I had to sleep with my bra on, my af was late. I tested and it was negative. I went to my gyn and she said that sometimes it happens and it's normal, especially now with the season change. She also told me that if you are pregnant you don't get any of those symptoms at all untill a little bit later. My best friend also just got pregnant and she says that she started to get worried when her af was supposed to come but she wasn't having any of the usual signs like breas tenderness, tiredness etc. She is two months now and says that only now she is starting to get all the signs. I know it's dissapointing when you want to get pregnant and it's not happening. Good luck to all.


ducky - April 18

hey babycakes its nice to have a waiting buddy.... how long have you been ttc? what r ur signs symptome if ne?


BabyCakes - April 19

well not ttc but not trying to pervent it ... and i have been having to pee more, eating more, sore b___sts, gaining weight, and feeling bloated ... but that could also be from other things so i am not sure but i know my sore b___sts is not anything i have felt before so i donno...... and yes it i very nice to have a waiting buddy i hate waiting..... what about you how long have you been ttc and what about symptom's for you ?


ducky - April 20

ttc for about 3-4 months were not doin any temping or ne thign like that just loving each other up and enjoying..... sore b___sts so sore thqat i cant sleep so hard to put a bra on and the area around my nipple is getting larger just headaches backaches sore b___sts (of course) and my lower abdomen feels liek its pulling inside hard to describe ..... liek i said dono really when to test bc a last month period on the 4th though the 8th whic was when i was expecting it then on the 25th till the 27th so im going by the 25th bc i didnt get my period on the 4th when it was due so i tested and negative so im waiting lol ..... im not really hungry but i find myself eating a lil more deffinatly more trips to the bathroom but normally i visit there often so i dono if its actually more or not lol



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