Sore Breasts And Remedies

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akm - July 12

Hi, I'm currently on cd21 and my br___ts have been KILLING me for a few days now. I wouldn't mind if I was pregnant, lol, but I really don't think I am because they usually hurt every month from ovulation until AF. They seem to be much worse this month and I'm feeling pretty c__ppy in general, but I'm no putting much stock in that. But is there anything I can do to ease the discomfort? They are driving me crazy... they ache so bad just sitting here and they KILL when I walk downstairs or touch them. Any ideas would be great.


sarahd - July 12

Sorry, I don't have any remedies for you but I definitely hear where you're coming from! I'm 5-7dpo, and my b___sts have been getting steadily more sensitive and painful. Really sucks. Happened last month too but I had just come off bcps and basically got every pregnancy symptom in the book from O until af (we weren't really trying last month though so didn't expect to be pregnant). I've heard some women put on a jog bra, but the thought of something pushing hard against them makes me cringe...


moni76 - July 12

Hi - I am in the same boat...some months are worse than others and I have noticed that my nutirion throughout the month makes a BIG difference! Try to avoid caffiene, chocolate, etc. It might help! Good luck!


jeanette - July 13

EPO ( evening primrose oil ) has helped mine considerably, along with some other hormonal things...but you cant take it after ovulation. Its best taken from AF to ovulation and may take a few cycles to get the benefits. Helps your CM during fertile time too. If all else fails...try an ace bandage around them...or if they are swollen -- cabbage leaves in your bra. I know, sounds gross right? But it works! Good luck!


Anon_1 - July 13

ive started taking seven seas pure cod liver oil with added evening primrose oil cause my b___st pain is really bad for 2 weeks before af arrives. this cycle though i have had no pain at all in my b___sts and im also 2 days late.



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