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sanjana - May 8

I last had my period on April 20, and from this Sat (May ), my left br___t br___t were sore, went away and nipples on both sides have been sore since then. Could I be pregnant? I have had s_x several times in the last 2 weeks.


Ceno - May 8

The chance of pregnancy is there if you had s_x during the ending of the first week of May and you said you have for the past 2 weeks. So I'd say your chances are high. The fact that your b___sts/nipples have been sore could further indicate. Unfortunately, you'll have to play the waiting game, even though it really isn't fun. I'm in that same boat. LMP was April 21 and I had s_x this past weekend (about ovulation time). So we can wait together if you'd like..:-) Good luck


Lin - May 8

Sore b___sts can be due to either pregnancy or pms. If you had s_x around four days ago or a within the few days before that, then your chances are probably as good as they can be, but even in the best of circ_mstances the chance is only around 25%. As Ceno said, you'll have to play the waiting game. If you've got 28-day cycles, a test on the 18th should be accurate. Good luck! By the way, if you've recently been on birth control, then everything I just said might not be accurate. In that case, your cycles might be a bit crazy.


sanjana - May 9

But can the symptoms show this early? My cycle is usually 30 days.


looby - May 9

Hi, I'm playing the waiting game too! Last AF was April 16 and started getting stomach cramps + tiredness on May 1, since then I've been getting nausea and sickness, sore nipples, bloated belly and cramps have continued. These can all be signs of pregnancy but equally could be a sign of something totally different! This last week or so has been so long, I'll be testing on Friday. I had no symptoms at all with my first baby so couldn't tell you if it's possible to get them so early. The tests will be the judge of that!


looby - May 9

Oh and I forgot to mention the excessive wind and piles, it's all just great!


Lin - May 9

Looby, the cramps you had on May 1st happened at just the right time to be due to ovulation, not pregnancy. Your chances for pregnancy are best if you had s_x within the few days just before that.


snoopy - May 9

looby. I'm in the same boat you are, my last af was April 15 I also have sore b___bs and bloating, will be testing this Friday. I have a speed bump though.... I was in a wreck last Friday and they did a blood test at the hospital and it came back neg. Called dr office yesterday and they said it could still be too soon to tell and to test again this friday. Lets keep our fingers crossed!


looby - May 9

We actually didn't think we were having s_x on one of my fertile days, but after checking my O calendar on the net realised that we did it on my most fertile day. I normally get cramps around ovulation time, but this time they've continued. We actually didn't want to get pregnant just yet, were just practising for trying in a couple of months. Just moved to Australia and are not covered by Med Insurance yet. I won't be upset with a bfn, but just can't wait to find out one way or the other! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Snoopy.


im_danielle_hi - May 10

to ceno my last period stared on the 21st april looking for a waiting buddie could you wait with me thnks p.s what dates were you ovualting on i was vulating around may the 5 to the 10th


Ceno - May 10

To im_danielle I don't mind waiting with you at You can contact me at Good luck.



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