Sore Nipples

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RT - March 29

I was wondering if sore nipples could be an indication of something other than pregnancy? I have had sore/sensitive/painful nipples for about a week, and am trying not to get my hopes up! My last af was Jan 25. Thanks


Audrey - March 29

RT- If it has been over a month since your last period you should take a home pregnancy test. Sore nipples are a symptom of pregnancy but I don't know if it could mean anything else.


jena - March 29

if your last af was in January, you can for sure take a test now and deem it pretty accurate - have you tested yet? i don't know what else they could mean but sore nipples are an indication of pregnancy... good luck!


RT - March 29

Thanks for the input. I stopped taking the bc pill in January, before my last period (jan 25-31). Since then I have not had another period. I started taking the bc pill in the first place to regulate my periods - before that I could go for months at a time without having one, so I guess I was half expecting not to get it anyway. I have taken 4 HPT's, all negative, but I have never experienced the nipple thing before! I don't know if i am dreaming up symptoms, but i am definately bloated, ga__sy, have stomach cramps/sharp pains from time to time, but still get the negative HPT's! Any more input would be great, thanks.


MM - March 29

I am experiencing the same thing...sore nipples on & off, ga__sy, bloating, cramps, nausea occasionally...but no af. I have very irregular periods as well & can go for months without one. (When I was on bc I was regular but have been off it for almost a year.) My last period was around Dec. 26 & I had blood when I wiped on Feb. 9 but nothing since then. I have been getting -ve hpts as well.


*** - March 29

baby dust


Wendy - March 29

Mee tooo! In fact I went to the doctor today coz i am 10 days late and neg test there too. very weird...........


RT - March 30

It's good to know that there are more people than me in this situation - very frustrating! Can anyone answer this question for us please?!



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