Sore Nipples Late Period HELP

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Hannah - May 4

So I've only been having s_x w/ my boyfriend since the very end of March, so not real long. I had finished my period about a week before our first time. I had a weird period the last two times, I had it my normal start date but it went two and a half weeks, then I was off it for a week then it came back for like 3 or 4 days. So...basically, I don't have a CLUE what to assume 2 weeks later is (since I hear that's when most people me out on this one!) Anyway, today I was getting changed and as I pulled my shirt down, it HURT as it brushed over my nipples. They seem a bit swollen, too. As far as I can remember, swollen nipples have never been an issue with past periods, and this IS right around the time I had been starting when I was regular. I'm not breaking out horribly like I usually do right before my period, which is really strange. For about 30 seconds earlier today I had some cramping, but nothing really bad. So...Due to my odd period schedule over the past two months, how would I know when I'm ovulating? I'm really concerned. My boyfriend and I both know we don't have any STD's so we've just been using the "withdrawal" method (and no, that's not what this post is about...I've done research on that lately, too, and realize it's not the smartest!) So basically, since there's still a possibility of pregnancy while using that method, I'm really paranoid that I may be pregnant. I have been peeing a lot, too, although I'm not sure that's too abnormal. I go a lot anyway, and I'm not sure if it's been more lately or just the same. So basically the messed up period, SUPER sore nipples, and some headaches (which I rarely get), things are the same. So...what do you all think? And if I was pregnant, would signs show this early considering the EARLIEST conception could have happened was the end of March?


Paula - May 4

Yes definitely. You should test. If you a dollar tree near you get a test. They are only a $1 and can pick up the preg hormone at lower levels than the test in the store.


Kristie - May 4

I would definately go and test.


e - May 4

I'd def. take an hpt if I were you, and if you can update us on your situation!


Hannah - May 4

I'm really paranoid...I really thought this morning I'd wake up w/ my period, and still nothing. I got c___p for sleep (as I was too busy thinking about this being a possibility) and one thing I thought about was INSURANCE. I don't have insurance at the moment. If I'm pregnant, dont insurance companies consider that a "pre-existing" condition and won't cover it? I'm incredibly paranoid about all this...does anyone know of any insurance companies that could help me out IF I am pregnant? (I'll feel like such a nerd if this all turns out to be nothing!)


e - May 4

I think most insurance companies don't consider pregnancy a pre-existing is very expensive though if you don't get it through a job.


Hannah - May 4

Ok so today I've been SURE I was going to start my period, cramps and all that, but I went to the bathroom, a__suming that's what I'd find, but instead I found a small amount of white discharge. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Again, it may be something that happens all the time and I've just never noticed it before...but I'm really freaking out!


ed - May 4

Hannah, I'm currently in the same boat with you. My period is late going on the 4 day. I also get alot of cramping hoping its my usual menstraul cramps, but nothing. I also get headaches on rare oca__sions. I've bought a pregnancy test the first day i was late, which came out negative. Although alot times it be prefer to be tested in the morning I did it that same afternoon. Maybe by the end of the week if I dont get my period its a big chance I might be pregnant and i woudl definatly retest and suggest you do the same.


Hannah - May 4

Do you all think it's better if I tell my bf that I'm late, just to prepare him for the possibility, or should I just wait until I'm sure rather than freak him out only to tell him everything's fine later on?


Hannah - May 5 I told him. I was so scared! His reaction was kinda what I thought it would be. Not a real good one! He already has two kids from a previous relationship and never gets to see them even though he pays a ton of child support, so he's pretty much afraid that will happen again. But after a few minutes, I started crying and he came and held me and didn't let me go all night long, so I think things will be ok. This morning I woke up and my stomach hurt, not nausea, it just didn't feel good. Still no period. If I don't get it within the next week I'll do a test.


Hannah - May 5

I'm still having cramps on and off. Lots more BM's than usual, does that mean anything? Also, I get really hot and sweaty at random times, and I just sweat like crazy even if I'm not hot. I feel like my deodorant has just been sweated off the past two days. Ick! What do you all think? I'm still too scared to take a test, but if I haven't had my period by midweek next week, I will.


amy w - May 6

hi hannah to ease your nerves some, i think that you should take a test as soon as possible, and if it comes up - then test again next week, i know how nervous you are right now...especially not knowing. and if you are worried about insurance ( where are you located? ) you can always stop in to your local health department, and they should be able to help you get set up with some kind of insurance a__sistance or direct you to where you need to go, also i think that they do pregnancy tests there too, let us know, and good luck to you!


Hannah - May 6

I decided I don't want to do the test alone, so I have to wait till next week cuz my bf is in a wedding this weekend, and I want him to be with me when I get the results. But I think I'll definitely do it on Sunday. My biggest concern really is how I will tell my parents! :(


Grandpa Viv - May 6

Your boyfriend should have known better, even if you didn't. Hannah, you have listed enough early preg signs that you should not be at all surprised if you get a positive. S_x a week after you finish your period is the most fertile time of month. Nipple changes, peeing more, acne changes, headaches, creamy v____al discharge, stool changes, hot flashes are all signs. If you are pregnant with LMP March 15th your due date is Dec 20th. Merry Christmas!



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