Sore Throat

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L - May 20

I was recently looking at the chart gallery at, has anyone noticed that many of the pregnancy charts state "sore throat" as one of the descriptors? It may be nothing - I just thought it a bit odd!


Ca__sie - June 25

I have had this symptom with both pregnancies and I think it is a result of many women becoming congested as a symptom. Then when you have the drainage in the back of your throat, it irritates the throat, causing the sore throat. I guess it is really a symptom OF a symptom but I believe it's fairly common. Hope that helps!


Chrissy - June 28

I just had a quick ? I have smoked for a long time and was wondering I am pregnant now and stopped smoking but I have gotten up recently and had a sore throat but just in the morning?????Is this normal???


tiffany - June 28

i have had a cough too...thats a good question?


evelyn - July 5

I have the same thing! And it wont go away - its been like 2 weeks now with this sore throat.


Elle - July 5

This is great! I've had a sore throat for about a week now and AF was due five six days ago!!!!


Lindsey - July 5

I have a sore throat mostly bothers me in the morning and at night...kind of goes away throughout the day, yet is still ever so slightly there. Its not strep throat sore, just scratchy and irritating.....a little cough due to flem in my this the kind of thing you all have, or is it the kind of thing that is a symptom?


bump - July 5



stphnhrrll - March 18

I still have a few days before I can test for certain, but I've had a sore throat for 3 days and I started snoring at night so loud it wakes my husband up. I also had some serious cramping similar to menstrual 16 days into my 33 days cycle anyone heard of that?


krissy2006 - March 19

stphnhrrll this post is nearly 2 yrs old... to make sure people respond to your posts and to make sure you are talking with people who still exist on this forum, you should either make your own thread if you have a question OR only respond to posts about 5 pages back at the most. :)



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