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marge - April 1

my husband and I have started trying to get pregnant. This month I have been following what I have read about "fertile" days and possible ovulation days. Anyway, last week was the ovulation days. Today, I had some thick pink discharge this morning followed later in the day with some first day like - light bleeding. My last period started Mar. 17 and I shouldn't start again until around April 12. I bought some early preg. tests from this website but I don't know if it is the standard 5 days early. My back hurts and I'm a bit more "cranky" than usual. Sound like anything? Any help would really be appreciated as my husband doesn't seem to understand the seriousness of this, only friend that I have told that we are trying had no preg. issues and I don't want to get my parents hopes up for a grandbaby or worried if it's something??? make sense?? sorry. Again, help appreciated!!


Lala - April 1

It could be implantion bleeding that some women get. The only thing to do is keep taking pre-natel vitamins and wait until test time. best to you!


Lin - April 1

The dates you provided would give you a 26 day cycle. That would give you an approximate (key word) ovulation date somewhere around March 28 - April 2. That means you're likely at most 4 dpo today. That's quite early for pregnancy symptoms, since they normally don't show up until after implantation, which typically occurs around 6-12 dpo. The bleeding would only be likely to be implantation bleeding if you ovulated a bit early. In addition, it sometimes takes a little time for blood from ovulation (or implantation) to come out. I know it's really hard to not get too excited, especially when you've only recently started trying, but just try to wait it out and see if any more symptoms show up in the next couple weeks. If you're using expensive store-bought tests (as opposed to internet cheapies or Dollar Tree), then try to wait at least until the 12th to test. Hard to do, I know! Good luck!


marge - April 2

I have never had bleeding mid cycle so something is obviously different, right? Implantation bleeding or miscarriage. I bought the tests off this website.


Lin - April 2

No, bleeding does not necessitate implantation bleeding (of course, it's not ruled out), and since it's probably too early for ib, then it's definitely too early for a miscarriage. Ovulation spotting can happen out of the blue when you've never had it before. I had it for the first time in my life (I'm 33) last month at 5 dpo.


jessieb - April 2

i had ovulation bleeding this month for the first time ever in my life. it was two days after my expected ovulation. (this was my first month off the B/C patch.) i got my positive12 days after the ovulation bleeding. i originally thought it was implantation bleeding and lin lead me in the right direction, it was ovulation bleeding. she told me to keep the bd going! she was right and now here i am 5 1/2 weeks along. i didnt' know that ovualation bleeding existed, i had never had that before. i had bought some internet cheapies, supposedly super sensitive, one 10-15mIu. well, they kept giving me faint lines. it was making me crazy! three days in a row of faint lines. I went to walgreens and bought one of the digital ones to just read "pregnant" to ease my mind! good luck to you marge! (lin, is very helpful! hi lin!)


Lin - April 2

Thanks, Jessie! Now it's time for my advice to work for me!



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