Sorry This Is Gross

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Erin1979 - April 29

Hi ladies. I posted on the infant site, but didn't really get any answers. The other morning getting ready for work I felt "wet", so I went to the washroom and wiped. I got a huge gob (like bigger than a quarter) of yellow mucous....looked like my mucous plug from when I had my dd. Anyone had this before? Anyone know what caused it? It concerns me since we are TTC for #2. Thanks ladies! Baby Dust to all!


LN030905 - April 29

are u in the two week wait?


Erin1979 - April 30

it was a few days after I O'ed, so I guess I would be, but I'm definately not PG.


Grandpa Viv - April 30

Sometimes we see a post of "gooey glob" of mucus along with the "wet down there" sign. I have interpreted it as a by=product of formation of the mucus plug, but 3dpo is surely too early for that. Good luck!


Lin - May 1

Without knowing any of your circ_mstances, my guess would be that you misinterpreted your O date and it was ewcm. I've had white ewcm in a big gob before, so I don't see why it couldn't be yellow. How do you know when you O-ed? Are you temping?


Erin1979 - May 1

I was temping and recording my CM, so by my calculations, I would have O'd about 2-3 days before the mucous. I have to tell you, it was nothing like any mucous I have ever had before (besides when I lost my mucous plug). It was not eggwhite, it was harder, dark yellow, and came out in a glob. I am scheduling a physical today to talk to my MD. I'm sure it was nothing, but I just want to be sure before we TTC again. Thanks ladies.


El - May 22

Hi Erin, I was searching this site to see if anyone had ask that question before I posted! Well, I'm TTC...I was due 19-20 May...I've been lightly cramping, dull light pain in my lower left side. Weird thing is, over the weekend I went to the bathroom and had a big white musous ball! Sorry TMI! But this happen again the next day. That's stopped now but Im still getting small amounts of white/clearish stretchy CM. Just a wet feeling. The only other symptons I have is im really tired (my eyes look tired!!!) but I've slept heaps! I feel like AF is going to arrive but it hasnt yet....I hope it doesnt..



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