Sperm Leakage

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Jennifer - November 14

BF and I BD last night and I remained laying on my back the rest of the night as that is what is recommended. But I noticed that something(I'm assuming it was his sperm) would leak out of me(sorry tmi) every now and then throughout the night. Does this lower my chances of conceiving?


Jennifer - November 15

Grandpa Viv or anybody have a comment on this?


AA - November 15

That usually does happen. At least it always does to me. dh and I concieved after only the 1st month trying. It helps to lie back with a pillow under your hips for at least 30 minutes so gravity can naturally help the sperm get where it needs to go. But as far as the leaking i thought everybody had that. Its just gravity, it has to go somewhere, its not going to all go up in your uterus and saturate in it has to go somewhere. I really don't think it will hurt your chances of conception. Try having s_x with a pillow under your hips. It helps him get it closer to where it needs to go and it feels good also. Good Luck hon.


Jennifer - November 15

Thanks AA. That really helps.


Deb - November 15

That's an old wives tale about lying on your back all night! The sperm enter your cervix within SECONDS of ejaculation. There is no research that says that lying on your back does any good. Also, when you have "leakage", it is only seminal fluid and any deformed sperm that didn't make it. It's a good idea to get up and go pee anyway, because if you don't, you have a good chance of getting a bladder infection.


To Jennifer - November 15

That's so true Deb, or a bacterial infection...


Jennifer - November 15

Thanks Deb. I'm hoping for my BFP this month so I just want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong. **Baby Dust to ALL**


shelly - November 15

good luck jennifer i always wondered that about the leakage as well because i always seem to get it and started thinking whys it coming out its going the wrong way lol,i try the pillow 4 half an hour afterwoods ,anything to greaten the chances,will try bding with pillow under hips as well[thanks aa]im due af in 9 days or hopefully not best of luck jennifer tons of babydust x


Jennifer - November 15

How long have you been ttc Shelly? I've been trying for the last 4 months. I'm almost giving up. Maybe I'm just not as fertile. Good luck to you too.


shelly - November 15

this is my 4th month as well,i fell pg with my son whos nine in the 1st month i started trying i must have been lucky and i a__sumed it would be as easy as that,how wrong was i,are u useing the opks it took me 2 months to get the hang of it i havnt used the temps yet,whens af due [or hopefully not]dont give up it will happen,i started to think i wasnt as fertile due to age im 35 now but reading some of the posts over the last few months it just can take a bit longer,even if ur young it can still take an age,how frustrating is it though ,i know exactly how u feel,dont give up, we l get there the endless waiting between af then ov is the worst isnt it.


Jennifer - November 15

Well I'm 29 and this would be my first. Some say the being on the pill has some affect to ttc, but I was not on it long. When I was 23, I went on for about 2 years, then started again when I was 28 and just got off it after less than a year. AF cycle immediately went back to normal the first month I stopped so I'm hoping all is well. I'm not using any opk's and have not taken my temps. It's too time consuming don't you think? I know what you mean about the endless waiting. Well, hopefully this is it for us. **Baby Dust**


shelly - November 15

i havnt been on the pill 4 years so im not sure but if af went back to normal quickly thats a good sign,theres so much to worry about when ttc isnt there, i was on depo injection birth control and 2 months after that i started ttc[1st time around and fell 1st month and they say after depo can take up to a year to conceive so that was wrong in my case,but this time i didnt have a clue about ovulation and the right days i just a__sumed around day 14 then after 2 months of that i started use the ov sticks and it showed that ov was day 12 so id been miss it but if ur bding every other day around the right time,when do u think u ovulate do u get any signs i get some cramps ,i like the ov sticks i feel more confident with them but dont want to get into the temps unless af shows up,is just extra insurance ov sticks are well pricey tho,im from the uk,where are u from,i try to put it to the back of my mind when on the 2ww but its impossible isnt it,am addicted 2 these pg sites tho u can find out so much info.let me know how u get on,


Deb - November 15

Girls, don't give up. I am six weeks pregnant with my first, and it took me six months of ttc to get here. I remember how frustrating it is and how you feel like it is never going to happen. You just have to relax and keep trying. It will happen, you just have to give it time. Jennifer, I am 32 and was on the pill for fifteen years. I think it really affected me, because my cycles were completely irregular, ranging from 23 - 33 days. I used opk's and I am really glad that I did, because I found out that I ovulated much later than I thought. I got the cheap ones from early-pregnancy-tests.com. If I could recommend anything, it would be to use opk's. Hang in there girls!


J - November 15

I have the leakage too. But I BD'd on the day I was supposed to ovulate and had "leakage" so is there anyway to tell the difference between the leakage and fertile cm? Could I have been having both at the same time. I just really rely on the cm to let me know when I am ovulating and I bd before I saw it.


hh - November 15



Vickie - November 15

I would not worry about the leakage. It just means that they were not the strongest, the strongest would be too far inside to come out again. The ones that have leaked would probably have been dead anyway, as sperm only stays active for so long. Don't panic, it's only natural!


Jennifer - November 16

Thanks so much ladies. And thanks for the advise Deb. Congrats on your pregnancy. I'm just crossing my fingers that I get a BFP this month. BF is out of the country as of yesterday and we bd on 11/9 and 11/13(past midnight, so i guess 11/14) and according to o calculation, most fertile days are between 11/12-11/16. What do you guys think my chances are? Not that great, huh? Well, if this doesn't happen, I guess there's always December.



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