Sperm Not Going In Plzzzzz Help

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monika - June 13

after i sleep with my husband and i get up I always notice that the sperm goes out as soon as i stand up??? dose anyone know any thing about this or has anyone been in the same place??


linda - June 13

yehhh I need to know that to, I get the same thing sometimes and it just falls out. anyone have an answer??


Audrey - June 13

When you stand up, gravity will naturally pull the excess s____n down and out. Enough usually stays inside to increase the chances of pregnancy though.


monika - June 13

so its normal??


monika - June 14

is it normal can anyone answer me??? do others get the same thing??


Steph - June 14

You should lay down after your hubby comes for about ten minutes or so, some people elevate their legs for a bit to try and get as much spermies to their egg. Good luck.


monika - June 14

yeh i do that but it still comes out


kate - June 14

yeah--i noticed the same thing happens to me.....why ????---after 30 minutes of being in bed i feel it all gush out i go to the bathroom---wipe--and it seems it all comes out !!!!!!!!!! my dh and i are ttc---but it seems like nothing is staying in !!!!!!!!! anyone ?


lacy - June 14

thats exactly it with me. anyone have any ideas


Nena - June 14

You need to put a pillow under your hips and have intercource in that position when it comes to ejaculation. Thank you have to stay at least for 30 minutes without moving from there so prepare everything before you start. It will be better just to remove the pillows and sleep afterwards, however if you need to get up and the sperm is going out, enough sperm will remain inside as well. It is about 1 spermatozoons to reach you egg!!! Good luck and baby dust.


Nena - June 14

PS. What I've heard it is important for both to reach the paradise at the same time, if not possible than woman should ejaculate after her man as that process will help for sperm to swim up. :o)


DN - June 14

I was thinking it was our own wettness and not the swimmers...


tamariyah - June 14

this is happened to me plenty of times, I don't think it would be a major factor for SOME of the little guys to come out, as the other ladies have said, there should be enough to reach the egg. Good luck :) PS: DN, I use to think the same thing :)


Dn - June 14

I just read this on some wbsite that came up in goggle...I hope this helps: After intercourse, I am sure that most of the sperm run out of my v____a, Isn't this why my post-coital test is negative? Loss of seminal fluid after intercourse is perfectly normal, and most women notice some discharge immediately after s_x. Many infertile couples imagine that this is the cause of their problem. If your partner had his climax inside you, then you can be sure that no matter how much fluid you lose afterwards, enough sperm will reach the cervical mucus. This discharge is not a cause of infertility


well.. - June 14

It doesn't all go in. In the cervix I mean. Of course it is going to come back out, it is perfectly normal. You can experience the next day after s_x too. Some women confuse this discharge of s____n with their cm, it is usually cold and falls out in a lump. Sorry, TMI.:)


val - June 14

I know exactly what you mean. I actually get really tired having sticky thighs (if you know what I mean) so lately I have been trying this very uncomfortable postion afterwards. After we are done having s_x in the missionary position with a pillow under my hips for elevation, my husband helps me move slowly by pulling my legs toward the wall (headboard) and then I put myself into the bicycle position with basically my whole body straight up in the air. Of course the wall is there for when I get tired of holding my hips up. But I stay in this position for at least a half hour. I've noticed that none or very little will come back out.I know this sounds ridiculous and painful, but at this point the both of us are willing to try anything. Good luck to all of you!


lucy - June 14

yeh i put my legs up to after but it comes out. could it have to do with when u ovlate? how do u know when is the best time to do it????



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