Spider Veins Sure Sign

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Mary - March 16

I am 8 DPO and have developed red spidery veins on my br___ts. Is that a sure sign of pregnancy? I am also queezy, crampy in center bikini line, hot all the time and have sore br___ts, fatigue. Any idea?


hey Mary - March 16

I get those veins from time to time anyway during the month. I am not pg (that i am aware of). Are your b___sts big anyway? Mine are a 32FF so I think veiny lines are normal for me! If you're more of a C-cup or less it is more likely it is a sign. The other symptoms you mentioned are big pregnancy symptoms!


hi - March 16

i also have them veins mine are blue tho have them all over me chest down me arms, havnt noticed them before,also noticed today im breaking out in spots on me face, shoulders bcak, dont normally get that until 2-3 days b4 af due.. also sicky feeling , peein n sleeping more, but af was 4 days late in feb, spose to be feb 26th but arrived march 2nd n finishes march 4th, was a red bleed but not heavy no clots... real unusual for me as im always a heavy 6day period, have serious back ache for the past 3days, have tested twice but BFN.. ne ideas..


bump - March 16



Audrey - March 16

To "hi"- Sounds to me that you might be pg. If tests show up negative then perhaps it's time to see the doc for a blood test. Best wishes!


hi - March 16

hey audrey, thankx for the responce.. i been having cramps in me belly, bit like period pain but alot milder, have had them for the past 2weeks now, doesnt hurt but u no its there, n when i try n sleep at night my belly feels real heavy.. doc wont do a blood test he told me to wait til nxt AF n c wat happens.. nxt AF due around begin of april time


Mary - March 16



Paula - March 16

Hi Ladies, well here it goes (again) I was supposed to get my period on the 13th and nothing happened no af at all :) my symptoms are: really sore b___sts, twitches or pain on the side and under the belly, alittle bit of nausea (if I wait to long to eat, when I get home, 45 mins. tops) and really bad backaches. what do you guys think? When should I test. Tested twice and came out BFN, anyone want to guess? Truckloads of baby dust to you all, Love Paula


Grandpa Viv - March 16

Mary, if spider veins are not a part of your regular cycle, I would take them together with the other signs as a strong indication. Check for v____al discoloration, too! You have a couple of weeks to go before it is worth taking a test. Good luck!



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