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Marti - October 11

Is it possible to be slightly spotting and still pregnant?


To Marti - October 11

Yes, yes yes!!!! Read just a few old postings on this subject and you will get more that enough information on this one! Some women even bleed every month and are still pregnant. If you are confirmed pregnant with a health care provider, you should contact them right away, they take bleeding while pregnant very seriously!! Have you taken a test yet? How far along would you be? Did you bleed at the same time you expected your period?


Marti - October 11

I should have gotten my period 4 days ago. I always have really heavy periods but I haven't had anything. Today I started spotting very lightly like I did back when I was 13 or 14. I'm just nervous. I took a HPT 4 days ago but it was BFN. I am scared to take another.


Suz - October 11

I'm in a similar boat. My last period ended Sept. 16th so I'm thinking I should have my period now. Instead I've slightly spotted today and nothing. I bedded 6 days past my period (and 7) then again days 13 - 15. I'm really hoping but .... is it to early to tell?


kelly - October 11

Well I think I am Ok so here is my story hopefully some one will answer my questions, cause evertime I post in here no one ever answers, so here it goes........The fist day of my LMP was September 14, this put my ovulation date at the 28th of and my husband Beded on the 26,27,28 so there is a possibility that I may have gotten pregnant, I am very fertile,it doesn't take much. SO my period is due on October 13th, but today I am experiencing some spoting, not a normal period. Could this be implantation bleeding, I have taken about 4 pregnancy tests the first two were negative, but I think I tested to early, cause if I remeber correctly with my first pregnacy my levels were very low, I did not find out until 6 weeks. I am having little to no cramping which is strange for me, The other two tests are a faint positive. I really do not want to get my hopes up.. does anyone have any ideas? Please repond I really need feedback.



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