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sonia10 - June 27

Sorry all..this is probably not the correct boad for this question. I posted on the First Trimester borad and no one has answered yet and hence I am posting here. Please bear with me. I am at 5 weeks and 4 days and everything was going great so far. Today I am having some spotting and am worried sick. I don't have cramps but do have head aches that I get when af is about to start. Is this normal? I am waiting for the nurse to call back. Thanks.


Rhonda - June 27

Light bleeding or spotting during pregnancy is more common then what some people think.If it is not constant and heavy then it should be no cause for alarm.Bleeding is most common during the first 12wks.But it still would be a good idea to be seen,so any problems could be ruled out.


Emma2 - June 27

If it is only light , occasional spotting it is nothing to be alarmed about . There are many reasons this is happening.Nonetheless your dr. should be contacted.


sonia10 - June 27

Thank you all. I spoke to my doc and was told the exact same thing-not to worry and to monitor the situation. I have been reading this forum for a while and logically I knew I should not be concerned with light spotting. But it is sure, better said than done. Thanks again for making me feel better.


DownbutnotOUT - June 28

hey Sonia10 I dont know if you read the thread I have about spotting, I stopped spotting but restarted. I have been spotting off and on since June 23 and Im still a little nervous but you must remember when u get stressed little wee one does too. I know easier said than done but take a deep breath and try to focus on holding your little one in your arms! good luck and Take care sweety xoX


Lin - June 28

It's not uncommon to have some form of bleeding in early pregnancy, but also any form of bleeding warrants a call to your doctor. There's probably nothing to worry about with just light spotting, but don't take any chances. (oops just went and read the rest of the replies and realized my post is pretty redundant...)


sonia10 - June 29

Just thought I should update everyone who helped me. Bleeding with some clots (sorry tmi) started yesterday evening and doc said it is most likely a miscarriage. They will monitor my blood just to make sure it gets back down to 0. This sucks!


sarahd - June 29

Sonia I'm SO sorry to hear that! My thoughts are with you...


Rhonda - June 29

Sonia10,im so sorry to hear that.I will keep you in my thoughts.



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