Spotting 6 DPO

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LC - November 18

I had brown spotting 6DPO that lasted 2 days. Could this be IB? I have never had spotting mid cycle. Hoping it is a good sign! Let me know if any of you had this and were or weren't pregnant.


jha - November 18

LC, i too had a little brown discharge, but i am 9dpo. Like you i have never had this before. Not sure what to think of it. Have you had anyother signs. I have been feeling a little sick to my stomach and cramping here and there. Keep me posted on how you are doing


hmmm - November 18

sounds like a good sign! good luck!


to LC - November 18

i hear the brwon spotinf sometimes is a drop in progesterone right before af.


LC - November 18

I am now at 11 DPO and hope that it was IB. I know it wasn't a sign of AF cause it was so early in my cycle. I usually do get spotting just before AF...and then AF comes. But this was just 2days and then it went away! But maybe it was ovulation bleeding? maybe i ovulated later? although I have such regular cycles I don't think i ovulated later? I have been TTC 6 months now. I just can't get my hopes up anymore, it is getting to be so hard. every month is a hug dissapointment.


Deb - November 18

Hey girls~ I know what you mean about the IB. I had it a couple months ago and then it went away, it actually ended in a mc. But usually that means that IB-Good luck!


Dee - November 18

well i know something that may help. my mom herself used this. she had been try for almost 10 years. and her dr told her to take a folic acid supplement as well as a multi-vitamin and she ended up preggo within a month of taking that regimin. but you have to take it everyday. even after you are preggo, so that way your baby is healthy.


LC - November 18

to Deb. how much folic acid? I tak the normal amount in a prenatal mulitvitamin. DId your mom take a prenatal and additional folic acid? when you had implantation many DPO were you and how long did you have the spotting? Well, I am still hopeful, but at the same time guard myslef against dissapointment. I have already tested and it is negative 11DPO.


LC - November 18

oh sorry, i mean to to Dee and then to Deb. and Deb I am sorry about your mc. best wishes to you....



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