Spotting Before Period

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V - December 15

Does anyone else usually spot 1-2 days before their period (we're talking very little, barely enough for a panty liner)? We are TTC and this has been going on the past couple of months (I can't honestly remember if it happened before then). I have read many different things. Some say this is normal and talk about counting the first day of red blood as AF day 1, and other things have said this is a bad sign and should be checked out. I'm obviously concerned b/c we're TTC and was wondering if anyone had any insight on this. Thanks.


K - December 16

I have light brown and light yellow spotting before my period.......It happened to me last month again....Until now, I still have a lot of concerns about my discharge....Last month I had a papsmear and talked to the obgyn about my discharge and she said that I might be pregnant because but then after two weeks I took a preg test but it came out negative......And now I just noticed a strong smell...Im so scared that it might be an infection or cancer....Im waiting for the holidays to be over because I dont want to hear bad news if any (knock on wood...i hope nothing serioud)....please pray for me....


K - December 16

Think good thoughts! I certainly wouldn't jump to any conclusions. It's good that you're going to the doctor. If it's an infection, it can probably be cured with some antibiotics. Better to go as soon as possible so you can be treated (if you need it!) Hang in there! Anyone else able to answer my original question?


V - December 16

Whoops - meant to put my name as V and address that last one to K. Sorry


K - December 17

Thanks V, I hope its nothing.....Im just praying to God every day that hoping Im gonna be okay......Please pray for me...I have two kids......


jay - December 17

V - I had the same problem last month - Doc told me it is just the uterine lining did not completley shedding properly and completely. He also told me that if I conceived before, there is no reason why I should have any problems - but he referred me to a gyno just in case. Hope that helps - in the mean time - see the Doc.


V - December 17

Jay - that does help. I don't think anything is actually wrong. I think I've just been reading too much on the internet. Sometimes it's better to just relax, have fun and cross your fingers, which is what I'm trying to do this month!!


K - December 21

Anymore ideas?????? Please I need your help



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