Spotting Light Period

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okcowgirl - January 2

I started spotting brown stuff about 5 days before my expected period. After 5 days of spotting it got heavier but not like my normal period but enough to use a small pad ( but didnt feel up). I have now been spotting/light bleeding for 9 days. I have not been feeling well and have had headaches and sore br___t. Any suggestions of whats going on? I am going to the doctor next week.


Megs - January 3

I understand your frustration!!! I too have had to the T what you have described! I'm chalking mine up to a really light period and going onward with next cycle... Let me know what your Dr. says though as I am interested! Good luck!


luckymiranda - January 5

hi cowgirl i went through the same thing when i was trying to convince i had a light period not so heavy to soak the pad im now 37 weeks pregnant i took a pregnancy test after i stopped bleeding becoz my b___st was still sore i took the test after so many negative it was finally a positive good luck baby dust


okcowgirl - January 9

I finally stopped spotting/light bleeding after 9 days. I'm still having headaches and sore b___st. I messed up the days of my doctors appt. now I have to wait another week. I don't think I'm pregnant, but I want to know whats going on. I think I might have and infections or something, cause every once in awhile, I'll have a little comfortablenesses in my lower abdomen. Its really not a pain, I don't know.


kimmmy200459 - January 9

I also have the exact thing happening wiht me right now. I started spotting monday of this week and my expected period was suppose to be today but it is a very unusal and light period...I am just as confused as well. I have been having side splitting headaches to where there almost unbearable..of course back aches but for some odd reason my b___st arent sore and they seem to always be sore when I am on my period so I am definitely confused as well...


kimmmy200459 - January 9

Luckymiranda did you have cramps with ur light period..thats the only thing thats confusing me I feel like I am having a normal period with a few cramps I just have never had this light of a period and had brown spotting in the beginning of it. I am taking a test in the morning.


okcowgirl - January 9

I have taken 2 HPT and they came up negative. My headaches have been horrible. I have taken Excedrin tension because the HPT said negative. I'm beginning to worry because I'm on birth control. Well, I guess I'll have to wait until Tuesday, I guess thats what I get for messing up the days.


luckymiranda - January 10

yes i did have a lil cramps here and there good luck


Macy - January 10

What birth control are you using, and how long has it been? Both the mini-pill and the injection messed up my periods for months - constant spotting, light periods, cramps right through the month. Could it be that the birth control doesn't agree with your body?


okcowgirl - January 10

I've been on this birth control for about 8 months now and have had no problems at all, in fact I love it. I'm on Yazimin.


PP - January 10

Hi ladies, I have creamy discharge on the Jan 6th and 7th, then dark brown stuff on 9th till now. So little amount unlike period, but bit more than just spotting. I don't have any typical cramp like normal period, in fact not at all. My last pregnancy was not bleeding till 10 weeks 5 days which end up to be m/c, today is 1 day late for my normal period( if what I got is not period), I will still wait till 12th to test but so afraid it's something else( like etopic..). We ttc this month, so possible to be pregnant as my period is very prompt. Wish everyone luck, will keep you updated about my situation.


okcowgirl - January 14

Well, I'm going to my doc. appt. in the morning. I'll see whats wrong, but I have been feeling pretty good lately. I still have had a few headaches and still fill a little nausea, but ok.


okcowgirl - January 15

Well, I went to the doc. today. They are doing and ultra sound on my pelvic next week, but that has nothing to do with my symptoms. She said that the symptoms could be caused by birth control. She took a pregnancy and it came up negative, but I still didn't get all of my answers. I still have had weird symptoms.


Lsand - May 24

Okcowgirl, it is now May, are there any updates? I’m going through the same thing right now except I’m not on birth control. 


sidneywhite - May 29

I hope you are doing well. I can understand your frustation. I also faced the same problem 3 times. I don't know what is the problem. So, I consulted the doctor. she said it is nothing but becasue of weakness. I also feel cramps in my stomach. So doctor gave me some pain killers with vitamins. I took it for 7 days and be back in normal. Are you taking birth control medicines?  I suggest you to consult a good doctor. The doctor will examine you and tell the actual problem. Keep posted me with the updates. I hope for your super recovery. Good luck.



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