Spotting Werid Looking Blood

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Kayla - September 17

ok i went to the bath an wiped myself an there was a really lightish pink an red blood then when i used it again it was a lil darker. so i put on a pad, an there isnt but a trace on it an i have had the pad on for hours. my back was hurting but not like it hurts when im getting ready to come on my period. i sleep for hours today coz i felt tired, im confussed coz i usually start my period the 25 or some where near that. what does implation bleeding look like.


monique - September 17

I am going through the same thing my period is 2 weeks early, I went to a doctor and he said it was okay, but before all this I experienced every symptom of pregnancy. I bled for about four days someone told me it could have been implantation bleeding, but my b___st are not that tender as they were before, but i still have the tired drained out part. this is so confusing when you don't mind being preg.


kayla - September 17

have u ever been PG monique


Viv - September 17

Kayla, that sounds like implantation bleeding. Did you have unprotected s_x like Labor Day or around there? The back ache and tired fit. How about peeing and tender b___bs?


Kayla - September 17

yep had s_x the 2 of sept,unprotected.. im still spotting. i hope im preggie..but what gets me is my period is so irregular i come on different days,but here lately it has been at the end of the month.. Does anyone no how long implantation bleeding last...


eva - September 17

I would also really like to know how long implantation bleeding last bc yesterday morning I had this brownish discharge like a very lite period and by the end of the nite it was litish pink I really feel pregnant but the doc said I am neg on both urine and blood test I still think I am preg and I know my body better than any one so I can tell a when a change like that occurs


vonda - September 17

Eve I am experiencing the same thing except my per was 2 weeks early, took urine test, neg, the doc didn't take a blood test. I feel very preg bloated and everything my b___b are not that sore but for two weeks you couldn't touch them. sometimes I get sharp pains to the left of my uterus.


jessie - September 18

I am experiencing a lot of the same symptoms only I have been on the pill. I have been spotting for 2 weeks and it seems like implantation bleeding. I am very tiard, bloated and my b___sts are very swolen and sore. I have been on the pill befor and have never had these symptoms...


Viv - September 18

Kayla, implantation bleeding is normally much less than a regular period, and the pink color fits. I think you should now wait until Sunday 26th and take a First Response hpt on your first urine in the morning. If you are pregnant your symptoms will increase between now and then. Don't forget prenatal care and vitamins. Come back to this thread and let us know the result. We care.


monique - September 19

kayla, I have been preg before and each one was different. and I did have my period with one.



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