Stages In CM Your Expertise G Viv Others As Well

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j. - June 12

I just read an article regarding cm. It states that: [The build up to this wet quality cervical fluid is usually gradual. It takes up to about a week, sometimes more, to reach its most fertile, pre-ovulatory quality. As soon as the egg is released, the cervical fluid tends to dry up very quickly.] I posted about thinking I ovulated on 6/4(o cramps and was mid-cycle). So I was pretty dry(as the article states) during the next couple of days after the 4th. Started to feel moist again maybe around the 8th or 9th. Then yesterday on the 11th, I had ewcm with a hint of pink/brown. From morning to the evening the ewcm was present. What is going on? Thanks for the replies in advance. I'm just curious now what that could have been....


j. - June 13



dedaa - June 13

j. not to sure I do not have much knowledge in this area but I think it could be from implantation. I know me personally I have alot of cm since maybe a few days after I ovulated and I am pregnant. Did you take a test yet? I really hope this helps a bit.


j. - June 13

Thanks dedaa. No, I have not tested yet. AF isn't due until 6/19. I'm just confused that's all. I read on another thread that someone thought they o'ed twice this month because of ewcm showing up again and has now tested with a bfp. We'll see.


dedaa - June 13

That is what I was thinking at first too with me but it just turned out that I wa pregnant. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see your post soon that you got your BFP.


ashleyd - June 13

lol...I have had the double ewcm deal...showed up neg (but i tested way too so...I'm waiting


Danielle26 - June 13

I thought I was out for the month because my CM dried up at about 7 dpo. Then, a day or two after I had an extreme needle sharp pain in my uterus area (my dr. thinks implantation) it picked up again with a vengeance. I got my BFP at 12 dpo :)



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