Starting 2ww Testing For Valentines Chances Not Perfect

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izechsmama - January 31

Well ladies.. i finally got my positive opk today... so i guess i'm officially in the tww... we bedded yesterday and today and every other day leading up to this.. but i have a bacterial infection and i dont know if my odds are shot now.. i guess i'm gonna have to wait to find out.. anyone else wanna wait with me? i'd appreciate the company... this is our last month ttc...


wantingmyfirst - January 31

I will wait with you! AF due the 8th - if its + i am gonna wait till valentines day to break the news to DF. I've been having all kinds of symptoms but sure they are all in my head!!! Only time will tell!!! Good Luck!!!


izechsmama - February 1

hey wanting... this will be your first huh? thats so neato.. this will be our second... i have a DS already who will be 15months on the 11th of Feb... :) if you get your positive how do you plan to break it to your family and your DF? i havent decided what to do with my DH.. but im planning to test Feb 13th and if i get a positive i'm gonna make cards for all my family saying Happy Vday from a new bundle of joy who will be here to celebrate next Halloween!! or something like that.. maybe it'll rhyme.. hehe...


carla123 - February 1

i will wait with you due for af on the 8th as well!! how exciting!! xx


izechsmama - February 1

i'm due for AF on Valentines... would really stink if it came, that day more than usual... haha.... i dunno, i know my chances arent great.. but we will see... Carla have you had any symptoms? when are you testing?


wantingmyfirst - February 1

Yes it will be my first (and his too!) I've got a few ideas running around in my head about how to break the news - I would like to have the opportunity to tell my family over a dinner but i want to wait until i have had my first dr's appnt before i do that. just to be sure. I imagine also making a card of somesort for DF on Valentines Day if i have a +. (God please let it be so!) Maybe something simple like "Happy Valentines Day Dadda! " and put the + test in the envelope... I dunno - I like your idea izechsmama! Hey carla123 when are you going to test? For me - AF is due anywhere between the 8th and 10th I dont think i will be able to stop my self testing early!!! And what about you izechsmama - are you going to hold out until the 14th??? So exciting girls -----!!!!!


izechsmama - February 1

hey gals.. i'm gonna test on the day before AF.. dont wanna ruin Vday.. if its neg... i am just excited to be in the tww finally... finally i've done all that i can.. and we can bd when we wanna... :) anyways... how are all you ladies feelin today?


wantingmyfirst - February 1

well i broke down yesterday and did a test - nothing. but i looked at it again this morning and there is a little line there! Dont know what to think. I saw it after i had already used the toiled for FMU so will test again tomorrow. I really dont know what to think - i know you arent supposed to look at them after 10 mins!!! I am only 7 DPO today (or there abouts! ) confused!!!!


wantingmyfirst - February 1

ok just did some research on the internet and i am sure it must have just been an evap line. oh well, wishful thinking - am gonna wait now as long as i can before i test again! urgh....


izechsmama - February 1

yeah thats very early to test.. cause some people dont even implant by that time sometimes.. give it a week and try again.. i know its hard!


whatisgoingon - February 1

Hi Ray! long time! How did all go last month with the group?? I am up north in my new home, just waiting for our new internet to be connected, thus haven been online here in a lil bit.. but am using comp at my work to drop in during the week and see what is happening with u guys. Nothing changed on me, but steering clear from whole idea completely..happens when happens.


izechsmama - February 2

Holly thats a great outlook on things.. its best that way... well ladies i thought i had completely rid of my bacterial infection.. but it seems as though it may be returning... i am debating whether or not to see my dr today and just get the d__n antibiotics.... i like the natural approach better and it was working.. but not so much anymore... we'll see... how is everyone doing? anyone having any symptoms.. LETS DO A REFRESHER AND EVERYONE STATE HOW MANY DPO YOU ARE! I am 2dpo... testing on the 13th...


wantingmyfirst - February 2

8 DPO - or there abouts - My cycles are any where between 28-31 days and I had o pains from CD 11, decided to use OPK on CD 13 and got a definite positive on that day as well as CD 14, O pains continued and got another + OPK at CD 17. We BD'd CD 6, 11, 12, 14 15. I had a BFN yesterday (er derr - what was i thinking testing so early!) and just cause i am nuts i did another OPK today (CD 22) and got another + OPK but a bit lighter! I know that doesnt really mean anything but - hey i had a stick - so i peed on it!!! I dont have a FF chart as yet (will start this next cycle) but have been temping myself - CD 20 - 97.86, CD 21 - 98.04, CD 21 - 97.93 ---(I Dont really know what any of it means except that it should be going up right?)--- its 12.20 am here in aus - so although i am now officially 8DPO i will temp when i wake up in the morning. Sorry about that DARN INFECTION izechsmama!!! I am no expert on that - you should check with your DOC? I always prefer natural methods as well. well - --- onwards to testing day! praying and positive vibes for everyone on this board!!!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 2

I am also due for af on the 8th or should i say i hope she dont come on the 8th. I am 8dpo now and i will be testing in two days but I will not be telling dh until V-day


izechsmama - February 2

hey gals.. gonna go to the dr today.. i called and they wanted me to come in.. they know my whole situation so they said they are gonna do a quick swap.. no speculum cause they dont want to irritate the environment in case of possible pregnancy... and she said that they'll treat it orally or externally... because they wouldnt want me to be putting anything in that region if we are ttc... and i already ovulated.. but it sounds like it will not effect us being able to concieve.. so i guess thats good news... i think they'll probably just give me oral antibiotics and the it'll be taken care of... tried the natural approach and i think it would work really well as a preventative method.. but as far as healing.. it didnt QUITE do the trick.. so anyways... how are you all doing today? i woke up with a headache... but its gone now.. i'm gonna go eat some eggs... i'll check in later!


VenusdiMilo - February 2

Good luck Izechsmama!!


bsing123 - February 2

I'm 10 dpo



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