Still Cant Post Helpppppppp

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stacy - May 12

how do you set your page to internet explorer? everytime i try to post answers it wont let me it says it cannot find tht page try homepage. does anyone know how to set it to where it will work? please tell me how to do it if so thank you.


MedicGirl - May 12

Are you connected to the internet using AOL?


MedicGirl - May 12

Stacy...I read in your earlier post that you are using AOL right? If so, I was having that issue can minimize AOL do not sign out if you use it to dial up and connect to the internet. Once minimized you should have an icon on your computer (desktop) that says internet explorer....should be an "e" with a circle around it....double click on it and it will open...then you can enter this website and you should have no trouble posting. I do hope this helps:-)


Stacy - May 12

hi if this posts thank you so much i did what you said to do :)


MedicGirl - May 12

You are quite welcome. I am glad I could help you:-)


josly - May 12

wow it did work i was having the same problem.. thanx


MedicGirl - May 12

You are welcome:-)


superbadchick - May 12

Well, on my computer I have an icon for internet explorer. What internet provider do you use, because I only had the problem with aol. Sometimes it would work if I restarted my computer & tried again, other times it wouldn't. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but these are the things I tried.


stacy - May 12

does internet explorer cost? i know a dumb question huh.


MedicGirl - May 13

No, it does not cost you a dime. At times AOL gives me I use Internet Explorer when AOL is not behaving:-)


Ca__sie - May 13

Internet explorer is the only thing that works with this website for me. My yahoo browser always shuts down and crashes.


k - May 13

just seeing if this solves my prob too


superbadchick - May 13

Aol never works for me either. Always gotta go with my other browser.


Tiff - May 14

I had the same prob. I have to open the site in aol and then go to internet explorer, open the site and then I can post. It's so frustrating writing a message to have it throw you to the wrong page! Someone here told me what to do. THANK YOU!!!


tory - May 14

I had the same problem. My teenage daughter showed me how to get on internet explorer. This post would have been helpful as I wasted so much time trying to fix the problem. Let's keep bumping this post to the top!


Kim - May 14

I agree lets keep it up here. I was about to throw my 'puter out the window. AOL sux



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