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Kay - June 1

Okay well I still have a bloated abdomin... soft to the touch, my B--ts are not big but they seem to be "fuller"... like just more full ya know? I still have the little white bumpy things on them and my right br___t itched a little bit today... Im still spotting/discharge brown to light brown today. My appet_te really hasnt changed, I mean im not hungry but I know if someone was to be like "Hey lets go get food" Id sure go and eat some food. I got a small pimple on my abdomin yesterday! That was very strange, I never break out anywhere on my body and when I saw the tiny pimple I thought that was weird, its almost gone today though... Ummm im gassy... it sucks too. Im still getting tired spells.. like today I was driving and got really tired and so I went home and fell right to sleep, woke up a couple hours later and I was fine. Ive been burping a lot. Last night me and a good friend went to eat and after we left I felt sooo sick to my stomach, I really didnt feel so much like I was gonna throw up but just felt sick to my stomach, so I laid down until I felt better. I dont know theres been all these weird things going on with my body. I took an HPT test yesterday and saw a very very faint line im gonna take another one next week.


to kay - June 1

i think that you are most definatly experiancing pregnancy symptoms, and i think that you are on the right track with testing again next week, if you test, and the test comes up negative again...just call your doctor, and ask to make an appointment to get blood drawn for your HCG levels...that is the best advice that i can offer you at this point, but i wish you the best!


Kay - June 2

Thank you! Im just so nervous! Im still very much bloated today... dont really feel that much bloated but I can deff. tell my abdomin is bloated and when I feel it, it feels bloated.


Sarah - June 2

So how far along would you be? Because I am having all the same symptoms. My b___sts are fuller, and I have multiplying litte white bumps (Montogomery Turbecles). What I have that you don't seem to have, is constant cramping, for the past 1 1/2 weeks. I would be somewhere around 4 weeks. My blood test comes back tomorrow!!!


Kay - June 2

Im not sure how far along I would be... from what ive been reading, and if im understanding it correctly that the first day of your last *normal* AF would be week one?.... if that is the case than the first day of my last normal AF was April 22... so I would be about 6 weeks? Im not sure if thats correct or not. Im nervous, I just wanna know if im really pg, I feel like I am... my body just feels different. My abdomin is still very much bloated and im debating on taking my belly b___ton ring out or not, thats why I wish the HPT tests would help me out... I got a faint line a couple days ago, so now im just waiting till next week. Wish me luck!


momma d - June 2

hi my last period was on may 15th.i think i might be pregant.i have been feeling very sick to my stomach.not like im going to throw up or anything like a very small women even after having 3 kids.i have noticed that i have gained some weight and my chest is very sore and iches clothes are getting to small.and im having discharge more then normal.when should i it better to get a home pt test or go to the doctor for a blood test.please help


Kris - June 2

Kay, A faint line is a + if you took another test today it should be darker. Good Luck To You!!!!!


Kay - June 2

Thanks Kris, and momma d, it sounds possible, I would take an hpt and see what happens, if its bpn than I would wait a little bit more and take another one and in the mean time of waiting... see if your symptoms are still there or if they went away... either way time will tell. Good Luck!



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