Still No Peroid

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nicky - July 18

I am cd37 and i still have no signs of AF. I tested last on July was negative. Surely if I was preg it would have showed up then. It is not odd for me to have irregular cycles, but this one is pretty long. I usually have symptoms of AF by now. I am sooo moody and grouchy. I stay sick at my stomach and have hot flashes and I am tired. Other than that nothing. What do you all think???


Grandpa Viv - July 18

Your test was CD28 - repeat weekly using first morning urine - some do not get a positive until 2 weeks late. It sounds promising. Good luck!


nicky - July 18

I was just thinking about when I tested with my son. I looked back and my last flow was Dec 25, 2005. I tested Saturday, Jan 28, 2006. When I took that test it was def a positive sign, but it was light. I remember getting online and looking to see if was really considered a positive. So, that had me thinking that maybe my HCG levels don't rise quickly. Am I just grasping at straws??


ginaq - July 20

I am so confused. We have been trying for baby #1 and I am on cd 54 (which is super late for me).I have gotten all neg prego tests and even a neg blood test about 2-3 weeks ago. I have some symp but not many. I finally made an app w/my doc but couldn't get in for 2 more weeks. I had super light spotting for one day in late June about 10 days after I ovulated. I am usually VERY regular. Anyone ever get prego and not show a pos for a few months?


Grandpa Viv - July 20

Gina, you could take another home test now using first morning pee and be 99% confident that it tells the truth. No positive when 2 weeks late is not that unusual, but when 4 weeks late is very rare. Good luck!


kimberly - July 22

Nicky, I would retest! Lots of women don't get thier positives on cycle day 28. It can also depend on which test you use, different brands have different sensitivities. Use a early detection test, like First Response. Good Luck!


nicky - July 22

I tested yeterday morning and it was still negative. I don't know what to think. My CM has gotten heavier and thicker...yuck...I know. I just feel pregnant, but the test say I am not.


kimberly - July 23

So sorry Nicky!Being this late and still getting a negative seems pregnancy is unlikely. A few women need a blood test, they are very sensitve and usually very accurate. Sounds like just a whacky cycle to me though. When our hormones are crazy it can make you feel crazy symptoms too.



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