Still Unsure Of Wether R Not I Am Pregnant

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denisecasanova - June 7

I usually get my period on time every month but in my my regular period cam on may 5 it was normal. Than starting like on may 15 I started to feell sleepy all the time my br___t were sore viens started howing in my br___t. and then on May 29 I started bleeding but it only lasted for 3 days and it was light. Now my period should not have came until June 7th and the veins are still visible in my br___t and if you squeeze on my nipple they let out a liquid. Now on June 2 I took a first respons pregnancy test aand it came out negative. could I be pregnant what sould I do I can't get to see the doctor until June 20. Someone please help


tas - June 7

it maybe IB so i would test if you haven't got your period today. I tested to early too and then 3 days after my missed period i got my BFP. I am now 8 weeks along. so good luck to you and let us know.


denisecasanova - June 7

thank you for answering back I thought the same thing but I didn't want to get my hopes up. So i will go and get a test tonight and I will let you know what happens. I really want to be pregnant


tas - June 7

i totally understand that my son is 6 years old and i want him to have a brother or a sister. but i really want a girl. good luck to you and let me know. BABY DUST TO YOU


denisecasanova - June 7

well good luck to you wether it is a boy or girl having a baby is a wonderful thing. I wish you a very healthy pregnancy. I will let you know what happens. although this is not my first pregnancy I have not had a child in 5 years so everything seems so different. Plus I think because i want to br pregnant so bad this time I worry that I won't be pregnant


tas - June 7

i totally understand that. when i got my BFP i couldn't believe it so i took 3 hpt and they are said pregnant. i use the ept certainty. let me now


Grandpa Viv - June 7

Let's a__sume you did not get pregnant in April. A good period May 5 and neg test June 2 confirm this. Could you have gotten pregnant in May? Signs starting on CD 10 are way too early - May 27th would be believable - did you give the right date? One has to consider a cyst, which would mess with your cycle and give some preg signs. I guess there is still a slight chance for April, so take another test or two at one week intervals. When you see the doc on 6/27 you might better talk cyst rather than pregnancy. Sorry not to be able to be more positive. Good luck!


denisecasanova - June 8

tas I took the test last night and it was possitive but I have go to the doctors just to make sure everything is okay because of the sleeding on May 29th


tas - June 8

CONGRATS a friend i had bleed until she was three months pregnant with her son and just thought she was having stomach problems. that is when she found out. the doctors usually don't want to see you until you are 8 to 12 weeks but i remember that you have a doctors appointment on the 20th. how are you feeling are you excited?


denisecasanova - June 9

I am a little excited but I am also nervous


tas - June 9

congrats again you should go to the first trimester site now.



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