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melle - January 10

I'm still waiting for a BFP or hopefully some sign that I am not. I've taken at least 4 tests and they were all BFN. It has been 8 weeks since my last AF. I've had cramps off and on for the past month. Expecting my AF to arrive, it hasn't. When I have a cramp I get a little nausa. I also have tender nips, exhaustion, bowel problems, a lot of air, yesterday I noticed my back aching. I decided to set up an appointment with my dr. and it is on Thursday. I'm nervous because I'm hoping so much that I'm pregnant, but I'm still afraid to get my hopes up. I thought I would take one more test before my appoint. to see or get disappointed once again. So has anyone gone through the same thing? WHat do you think?


clhen82 - January 10

Let us know what happens. I'm kinda in your boat, though it hasn't been nearly as long since my last AF. Feeling a lot of the same things you are... baby dust to you!


roxyttandme - January 10

Some women just dont seem to respond well to hpt (or vise versa). I would say, go get a blood test. Good luck! Baby dust.


melle - January 11

So this week the "pregnant" signs I've been experiencing are more definate. I thought, maybe my body is now finally reacting. So I thought I would take a test this morning to see if I would get a BFP, but it came out neg again. I have a dr. appoint. tomorrow afternoon and I hope I get some answers. I'm going crazy. Tomorrow it will be 9 weeks since my last AF.


melle - January 13

So I went to the Dr. yesterday. I got a neg. ultrasound, which was discouraging. Got blood drawn and it was a very faint positive (they ran it twice to make sure). The faint positive could mean two things, either I'm very early in my pregnancy or I miscarried. I'm going back on Monday for another blood test to see what my HCG comes out to be. I'm hoping for the best.


Jenny - January 13

I hope everything turns out good for you!!Wishing you sticky dust!!!


kjones - January 13

Good Luck Melle!


melle - January 13

Thanks... It will be a long weekend. What a roller coaster of a month. My blood pressure is so high because of all this stress.



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